Traducción de materialize en Español:


aparecer, v.

Pronunciación /məˈtɪriəˌlaɪz//məˈtɪərɪəlʌɪz/

verbo intransitivo

  • 1

    (take form)
    (ghost/object) aparecer
    I waited over an hour, but he never materialized esperé más de una hora, pero no apareció
    • It is the end of another long day, and I have been watching often enough to see that at exactly 6: 45 each evening, a little old lady materializes like a guardian angel to take him home.
    • So let's reserve judgment until actual evidence materializes.
    • His promised overtime bonus (he worked an extra eight hours so he would have spending money for Christmas) never materialised.
    • With a sense of morbid fascination, she peered into the darkness, waiting for the monster to materialize.
    • However, the estimated revenue has failed to materialise, primarily because householders have adopted a minimalist approach to refuse disposal.
    • With a cloud of green smoke, she materialized sitting on top of my dresser, which is across from my bed on the other side of the room.
    • A spirit then gradually materialized from the bones of the long dead corpse.
    • This time he knew what it was before the ghost even materialized.
    • Austin noticed the disappointment in her eyes when she realized it was him, and swallowed a giant lump that suddenly materialized in his throat.
    • Fortunately, countless friends materialized, all willing to help put together a wedding in less than two weeks.
    • Everything was patiently explained and the chances of monsters somehow materialising under the bed were rationalised away.
    • That friend never materialized, but I was saved from wandering the theatre in a lost manner by a very fortunate coincidence.
    • She crawled out of her sleeping bag and her dark head peered around the room once more, as though she expected her friends to materialise out of nowhere.
    • Why did he keep looking over his shoulder as if expecting for an assassin to materialize out of the shadows?
    • The trouble is, as we now approach 2002, the artworks have never materialised.
    • It was as if a giant bubble from a science-fiction film had materialised all around this piece of land.
    • A mixture of reef sharks and bulls, they have an uncanny ability to appear behind you or materialise from behind a coral head only feet away.
    • Three older pair of elfin fairies materialize next to the children.
    • Inspired by the gentle, tragic monster, they become convinced that there is a fugitive spirit inhabiting a remote farmhouse, which materialises in the form of an army deserter.
    • There must be strange entities materializing from the ether, ghouls, ghosts, or spirits hanging out in the material world to warn or haunt us.
    • The foes are also more elusive: Lumbering zombies are replaced by elusive ghosts that materialise and dematerialise at will.
    • The souls of the children materialized before her, staring into her very heart, crying to be free!
    • Near Virginia City, Nevada, the spirit of a camel materializes, led by a dead man.
    • Several more ghosts materialized from the shadows and surrounded him, forming a tight circle of burning blue.
    • We had been told to expect a rescue package but none had materialised.
  • 2

    (become real)
    (idea/hope) hacerse realidad
    (hope/idea) concretarse
    (hope/idea) materializarse
    • A championship classic never materialised although both sides entered spells of entertaining football.
    • They don't occur at random or materialise out of nowhere.
    • The salaries did in fact later materialize, and living within salaries is no form of corruption.
    • I am training and am in good shape and can only wait and see what materialises along the way.
    • If this consolidation materializes, those computer giants will have more power to expand their market shares.
    • Rumours of a bid last week sent the stock soaring but yesterday investors headed for the exit as confirmation of an approach failed to materialise.
    • His demagogic promises of jobs and wage increases never materialized.
    • Our forecast was wrong - we expected the relative decline of their position, and the reason why it did not materialise is another story, for a longer discussion.
    • This coming battle, if it materializes, represents a turning point in U.S. foreign policy and possibly a turning point in the recent history of the world.
    • The expectation was for an abrupt decline in consumer expenditures that, in fact, did not materialize.
    • When the boom failed to materialize, eventually the scam got so large that it could no longer be hidden, and the entire house of cards came tumbling down.
    • Needless to say these jobs never materialised and in fact 175 jobs from the existing plant in Limerick were actually lost.
    • To establish a tendency or a possibility you do not have to prove that the tendency or the possibility in fact materialised.
    • All these increases have materialized in the last six months.
    • In actual fact, it is absolutely indispensable that it materialize very quickly.
    • But as 2004 approaches, the dream has clearly not materialised.
    • He said: ‘I can guarantee those savings will materialise over the timescale we have stated.’
    • That it didn't materialise was not for the wont of endeavour or skill.
    • By almost every other measure the difference was barely one goal, never mind the three that were to eventually materialise.
    • A final problem is that the benefits of postsecondary education may not materialize until individuals reach their late twenties or early thirties.