Traducción de materiel en Español:


pertrechos, n.


Pronunciación /məˌtɪriˈɛl//məˌtɪərɪˈɛl/


  • 1

    pertrechos masculino
    material bélico masculino
    • In each case, equipment and materiel will be pre-positioned in several places around the world.
    • Further automatization of the system of command and control of troops and materiel will also produce a great impact on tactics.
    • A survey in one formation discovered 70 unauthorised modifications to materiel.
    • The air-drop equipment is intended to air drop paratroopers, materiel and cargo.
    • The combatant commander is responsible for the flow of equipment, personnel, and materiel into his theater.
    • Military materiel is landed via a bow ramp and also via assault boats through the doors of the flooded well.
    • The rear cargo deck accommodates the transport of troops and/or materiel.
    • It was due to supply the forces with weapons, ammunition, and other materiel.
    • Force structure, doctrine, materiel and training must all adapt to the change.
    • Doing so can be characterized as actions against people and materiel.
    • Limits include time, manpower, materiel, and a host of other factors.
    • There weren't enough people to handle this flow, and, in the end, we sent far more materiel to the theater than we needed.
    • The offensive materiel will have gone, with heavy weaponry no longer of any real practical military use now either.
    • Additional stocks of ammunition, food, medicines, and other materiel are created at strongholds.
    • The goal was to have medical units deploy with their required materiel and equipment.
    • It also made impossible to timely form attack forces and provide them with essential supplies and materiel.
    • This materiel enabled U.S. forces to survive during the first critical weeks of the operation.
    • By 1919 their superiority in both men and materiel would be enormous, and Allied staff officers began to plan a great offensive for that year.
    • The mission is to destroy armoured and unarmored combat materiel, low and slow airborne vehicles and other targets.
    • At the end of the Battle of Verdun, the French emerged victorious, though at a huge cost in human lives and materiel.