Traducción de maternal en Español:


maternal, adj.

Pronunciación /məˈtəːn(ə)l//məˈtərnl/


  • 1

    • It was fear of the maternal rage that would surely follow my brother's blabbing that made me plead for mercy.
    • If chicks are seen along with a hen, it portrays maternal love and procreation.
    • Although I am fairly open-minded, my maternal feelings tend to rear their ugly head at this issue.
    • Different combinations of bows and sashes were arranged for inspection and I saw a glow of squishy maternal pride develop in my mother's eyes.
    • Espying her son, now released, in the distance, she is unable to contain her maternal joy.
    • The greatness of maternal love has been the topic of many an immortal piece of writing.
    • Yes, this Catherine, his Catherine who had taught him maternal love, was his real mother.
    • She says she felt a strong jolt of maternal love when she looked at the first picture of her ultrasound scan.
    • But, for women there are powerful instincts and maternal feelings at play.
    • As was once said, maternal love is the greatest love in the world.
    • These experiences had a profound effect and undoubtedly stirred her powerful maternal feelings.
    • She just couldn't seem to invoke any maternal feelings inside of herself.
    • My mother had been dead for over five years, and her maternal affection for me had gone with her.
    • The portrait shows Lady Caroline's tender, maternal side, clasping her son, who died young.
    • And he knows that my dog and cat are not a substitute for maternal love.
    • What distinguishes his recent work is an almost maternal sympathy for the perverseness of the human animal - and the twists in its fate.
    • The builder's costs had been funded by his mother under loans motivated by maternal affection and made in the belief that her son's claim was bona fide.
    • Whatever defects of character the new women may eventually acquire, lack of maternal affection will not be one of them.
    • For my friend, maternal affection is the only true expression of love.
    • So I decided to make the ultimate sacrifice at the altar of maternal love.
  • 2

    (on mother's side)
    (grandfather) materno
    (aunt) por parte de madre
    • She's even broken her maternal family tradition by dressing in a fashionable, appealing and innovative manner.
    • I'm not sure about the maternal side of the family, but I don't think it is any further back than that.
    • My maternal uncles and their families barely escaped getting killed.
    • As a child, his family lived with his maternal grandparents of whom he was very fond.
    • He said the greatest lesson he learned from his maternal grandfather was the support he offered grieving families.
    • My parents had divorced but my maternal family was very religious.
    • My maternal grandfather used to play piano at cinemas during silent films.
    • The maternal side were minor landed gentry from Lorraine with a tincture of Norman blood.
    • I'm still not exactly sure how he's related to me, but I think he was my maternal grandfather's brother.
    • My husband's maternal family can be traced back to the early archives at Fulneck, founded 1754.
    • Next in line is the maternal grandfather but, says the study, only because he's living with the grandmother.
    • My maternal grandfather died within two weeks of my birth.
    • He has been in the care of the Society and extended family members on his maternal side for different lengths of time.
    • He has reason to be concerned as his mother and grandfather on his maternal side died of a sudden heart attack in their late fifties.
    • I have gone to the trouble to make peace with my father and the rest of our family including my maternal grandfather before he died.
    • My maternal grandfather died the best part of twenty years ago.
    • To what extent would that be offset by extension of the child's relationships with the maternal family and homeland?
    • I just am concerned with letting her bond with her maternal side of the family.
    • It is not just passed on from the maternal side of the family and may affect siblings differently.
    • I was told of a Native American on my maternal grandmother's side.