Traducción de maternity en Español:


maternidad, n.

Pronunciación /məˈtərnədi//məˈtəːnɪti/


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    maternidad femenino
    (clinic/ward) (before noun) de obstetricia
    (clothes/dress) de embarazada
    (dress/clothes) de futura mamá
    (dress/clothes) (invariable adjective) premamá España
    (leave/pay) por maternidad
    • Her friend had her suitcase, full of her maternity clothes and normal clothes as well.
    • The party would also want to help families, by giving improved maternity benefits so that a parent could stay at home.
    • She said when she gave birth to five-month-old Keane, she was left with no benefits at all except maternity pay.
    • The plan covers options for life insurance, widowhood insurance and maternity benefits.
    • Expectant mothers can register at any maternity or child welfare centre.
    • Is there anywhere in Bangkok to buy reasonably-priced maternity clothes?
    • Women often experience a lack of sufficient financial support during maternity.
    • A number of these patterns are concerned with maternity and child health.
    • She still works out five days a week and the maternity clothes have been put away for good.
    • Speaking of being large and in charge, let us talk for a moment about the issue of maternity clothes.
    • What will happen to the child that was conceived with the father out of work and the mother in need of support during maternity?
    • One of our employees recently found out she was pregnant, so everyone is anxious to see a good maternity policy in place.
    • Then don't forget the minimum wage, lone parent support and maternity and paternity arrangements.
    • The elevator to the maternity ward took a very long time.
    • Mothers could transfer some maternity pay and leave to fathers.
    • Often they exclude provision for maternity and childcare.
    • Ground level contains maternity outpatient services, with paediatric outpatients above.
    • And for you women who've been pregnant and worn maternity pants, you know how ridiculous those things look.
    • It's not easy being pregnant and finding nice maternity clothes.
    • In its report on access to maternity services the committee says that not all families across the country are getting access to the services that they need.