Traducción de matey en Español:


amistoso, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈmeɪti//ˈmeɪdi/

adjetivomatier, matiest


  • 1

    I'm quite matey with him tengo bastante confianza con él
    • I don't like to get too matey with my students no me gusta hacerme demasiado cuate de mis alumnos
    • Of course it doesn't hurt that it's one of the songs where his matey big brother persona grates least.
    • He could drink as much as the next man, but there was still something about him that seemed to hold back as the evening developed into the usual matey banter about football rivalries.
    • The matey management style has been replaced by the good cop, bad cop double act.
    • He, matey thoroughgoing professional that he is, suffers from nothing of the sort.
    • But don't be lulled by this snug, matey pedigree.
    • Most everyone at Parliament, even Winston, is quite matey with Rodney.
    • No one does matey bonhomie better than him.
    • He has a lazy, matey sort of north London accent, longingly smokes each cigarette, as if it is his last, and has an acerbic wit, usually directed against himself.
    • I hated myself for doing this, for being so completely suckered by the matey corporate chef.
    • The fans imagined they knew Lennon through his posturing, sincere or not; McCartney through his matey charm; Starr through his scouser-comic bit.
    • Mel has become quite matey with the woman opposite, Sybille, who writes self help books and whose house smells strongly of incense.
    • Imagine my surprise when he failed to succumb to my charms and rather politely put me in a cab and sent me home without so much as a matey punch on the arm.
    • He lacked the friendly demeanour and matey style.
    • It seemed a harmless, matey gesture towards Wimbledon's decent, docile supporters.
    • It was this matey mentality that he, obsessed with his specialness, found maddening.
    • A Tory frontbencher, waiting to enter the Chamber while the Speaker's chaplain said prayers on the other side of the swing doors, was subjected to prolonged and matey chatter by the entire team of Treasury ministers.
    • They defended each other against any accusation and began to walk to and from training together, forming little clusters of matey conspiracy between them.
    • She doesn't realise she has; it's a matey thing.
    • Even the matey chattiness wore through my cynical armour after a while.
    • The pub's sole other occupant, a middle aged man, addressed me in a posh, matey voice.