Traducción de matriarchy en Español:


matriarcado, n.

Pronunciación /ˈmeɪtriˌɑrki//ˈmeɪtrɪɑːki/

nombrePlural matriarchies

  • 1

    matriarcado masculino
    • The most active theorists wrestling with this demon offer something far less robust: spurious theories of ancient matriarchies, for one.
    • This is by no means to argue that a return to matriarchy would be either possible or desirable.
    • All I'm saying is that it is wrong to replace a patriarchy with a matriarchy, because then nothing is learned, no insights are gained and no real cooperation between men and women is achieved.
    • The new matriarchy needs to come out like a phoenix.
    • Interesting how far the story of the pre-existing matriarchy goes back.
    • But how are we to know whether matriarchy did not have similar extremes?
    • They form a matriarchy, a herd of females led by the dominant matriarch, who all band together to raise and protect and teach each other and their young calves.
    • Chamorro culture is a matriarchy, meaning that the women are central to the culture's survival.
    • A famous woman ruled during the period of the matriarchy (when women held the majority of power).
    • The result is a lower-class household which often becomes an extended matriarchy with the oldest woman at the head and her unmarried children, married daughters, and grandchildren constituting the household.
    • Matrilineal kinship does not mean that there is a matriarchy.
    • She is sceptical of the Western rejection of the term matriarchy as a failed mirror-image of masculinist terminology.
    • Another 1970s strategy of empowerment was to turn to the misty past and recast prehistory in a hopeful light: perhaps a Neolithic matriarchy predated the Iron Age patriarchy.
    • Though by now anthropologists reject claims that early societies were matriarchal, some feminist theorists still cling to the idea that primitive matriarchies once dotted the globe.
    • She may advocate a matriarchy, but it is a matriarchy where leaders remain irreproachably ladylike, and therefore ultimately submissive to men.
    • Getting rid of patriarchy is fine, but replacing it with an equivalent matriarchy solves nothing unless you're simply out for revenge.
    • The passiveness and peace of a matriarchy with the passion and drive and energy of a patriarchy is the best blend, and will ultimately create a society that can stand against anything.
    • She suggests that the symbol of the Amazon is associated with the symbol of the Great Mother and with matriarchy.
    • Women, except for the rare instances of societal matriarchies, have been perceived as inferior in intelligence, inadequate in controlling their body fluids, and predominantly sexually moronic.
    • Whether or not Witchcraft was handed down in an unbroken line from time immemorial or whether there was ever a golden age of matriarchy is totally irrelevant.