Traducción de matronly en Español:


de matrona, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈmeɪtr(ə)nli//ˈmeɪtr(ə)nli/


  • 1

    (figure/bosom) de matrona
    (bosom/figure) matronil
    (woman) con aspecto de matrona
    (woman) matronil
    • The by-now matronly personnel manager and a flock of remarkable young employees stand around offering toasts on the happy occasion.
    • And get it tailored next time so it actually sort of fits and doesn't make you look matronly.
    • The music starts, and six identical doors swing open on the set to reveal six matronly dancers in zebra-print gowns and big hair.
    • Judging from the reaction of the Empress, our next-door neighbor, she also did a fair number on the matronly blue-haired crowd as well.
    • Many deemed it too figure-hugging and too young, emphasising what looked suspiciously like a matronly figure, but it demonstrated nonetheless that this was a woman not afraid to experiment with her look.
    • I thought of them, cool and rich from many punnets picked and rated highly by the matronly overseer, laughing and drinking in some city bar.
    • This was a matronly prison guard reading messages from the artist.
    • The older nurse clucked in a matronly manner and the two nurses, together, hurried the girl into the back room to find a doctor.
    • Putting on my most matronly look, I refuse this unappetising offer.
    • Nevertheless, her plain delivery stripped of vocal runs, trills and decorations can make her long baroque arias sound staid and matronly.
    • I was beginning to feel rather matronly, and now I'm back to the weight I've always been.
    • Those with sleeves that stop just short of the elbow can make a classier alternative to sleeveless or short-sleeved ones, both of which risk looking matronly on older women.
    • Yes, I sort of thought they wanted a more matronly sound.
    • More matronly sorts opt instead for ye olde-style tea shoppes and here you can eavesdrop over a discreet pot of Darjeeling.
    • ‘You'll get used to it,’ says Brenda, adopting a matronly tone.
    • Old men decked in brocaded black robes talked in huddles, their matronly wives - veterans of grand weddings past - glittering gold and exuding scent.
    • Does she feel matronly toward her flock of thespians?
    • When I was a kid, there were two matronly old women who lived down our otherwise quiet cul-de-sac.
    • ‘I find it quite comforting to be matronly,’ she says.
    • I had barely started when the two matronly American ladies we'd seen in the tea shop, still in their kagouls, walked past me.