Traducción de maudlin en Español:


llorón, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈmɔdlən//ˈmɔːdlɪn/


  • 1

    (person) llorón
    (person) sensiblero
    (novel) sensiblero
    (novel) lacrimógeno coloquial
    • It could have been maudlin and self-pitying, and none of that was there.
    • Her poems, a mixture of maudlin sentiment, misspellings and malevolence, are staples of the sites she visits.
    • I really don't understand the maudlin sentimentality that accompanies any discussion of these events.
    • Certainly, some church observances are thick with sentiment that borders on maudlin.
    • Much more than maudlin sentimentality was involved in the effusive tributes.
    • The problem is lack of variety: one song merges indistinguishably into another, the surfeit of emotion sounding more maudlin by the minute.
    • She didn't say anything after my sudden outburst and I assumed I had somehow made her uncomfortable with my maudlin sentiments.
    • Instead of tidy, maudlin conclusions, the film is handed an ambiguous closure.
    • However, she left no mark on film history, not one of her films is a work of art and nowhere did she leave an indelible image of an artist who transcended her maudlin material.
    • The film is directed and photographed deftly, particularly insofar as it touches the sentimental without clutching the maudlin.
    • They had one crude but catchy hit followed by a maudlin and sappy second single.
    • There is a great deal of humor that keeps the tale from becoming too saccharine or maudlin, but the heavy pull at the heart and the emotions cannot be denied.
    • The emotion is real and affecting, but never maudlin or self-indulgent.
    • I spent the day under a cloud of self-pity and maudlin nostalgia.
    • This is a maudlin film about life, love and… well, you get the picture.
    • Maybe it would have been better if I had set my mind on writing a maudlin, self-pitying note that I would have been able to throw away the next day.
    • It's an interesting dynamic which I'd like to explore further when Alex isn't so emotional and even maudlin.
    • This film is maudlin where the original was tough, antiseptic where the original was gritty.
    • Look, it sounds impossibly maudlin if you read the synopsis of this film.
    • He is by turns violent, sentimental, maudlin, self-pitying, and sadistic, and has a fine line in rhetoric.
    • It is as maudlin and sentimental as movies come, and this hopeless romantic wouldn't have it any other way.
    • When will documentarians learn that much of this material can stand on its own, without an alternately plucky and maudlin background score, telling us what to feel?
    • For a while it became the archetypal maudlin pub drinking song: imagine it lugubriously belted out at closing time with a skinful of beer lubricating every voice.
    • I nodded, smiling now at the cheesiness of the moment, particularly as a maudlin pop song came on the jukebox.
    • The story in this film is a bit maudlin; we are seeing the end of a brilliant career rather than an ongoing saga.
    • Never maudlin, never cloying, the story is that of a judo champion struck down in a road accident and almost overnight becoming a paraplegic in a wheelchair.
    • Joking about the troubles of parenthood is how we share its exquisite joys without lapsing into maudlin sentimentality.
    • Does it bother you that there's also a maudlin aspect?
    • I think we should be as maudlin as we like and embrace our sentimentalism.
    • It's a painfully bittersweet film, but told without any of the plodding, maudlin notes that in less sturdy hands could have sunk the entire endeavour.
    • Some say that they were obvious or maudlin or too sentimental.
    • I don't want my work to be thought of as maudlin or overly sentimental.
    • Its massive irony is that the magically maudlin piano refrain and chronically depressed vocal that gives this song all the power, soul and verve that are so glaringly missing from the rest of the album.
    • The work is the definition of honest, trusting its material and endlessly accurate in its sense of the human condition without succumbing to bitterness or the maudlin.
    • The film became too maudlin for its own good in its final moments.
    • You can get as maudlin, dramatic and sentimental as you wish, without anyone telling you to snap out of it, cheer up, or cool out.
    • Still, it's otherwise a very observant film, only rarely maudlin.
    • Sadly, it ends up being little more than a maudlin mess - a film that will leave almost no one satisfied.
    • He also wanted to ‘break through the maudlin emotionalism that was surrounding this subject.’
    • Depending on your mood, you'll enjoy it as a sobbing tearjerker or loathe its sugary, contrived and maudlin morality laid on with a trowel.