Traducción de maul en Español:


atacar (y herir), v.

Pronunciación /mɔl//mɔːl/

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    (animal/person) atacar (y herir)
    the deer was mauled to death by a tiger un tigre atacó al ciervo y lo mató
    • they were badly mauled in yesterday's game fueron aplastados en el partido de ayer
    • This was a response to another government institution mauling community activities and local concerns.
    • Why should he risk being mauled to death if he doesn't need to?
    • So when a little boy mauled his science notebook, scrawled a message on one of the pages, and rushed into the shot, he was severely reprimanded.
    • This was not the first time Darwin had been severely damaged by a cyclone: it was badly mauled in both January 1897 and March 1937.
    • You see from time to time children being mauled by dogs.
    • As the world knows, he was mauled on stage last month by one of his pets.
    • As for personal experience, I was once nearly mauled by a bear while camping.
    • We had to get rid of her though after she almost mauled the mailman.
    • This comes after the Opposition was mauled yesterday in Question Time when Labor backbenchers were really looking to make budgetary inroads on the equity angle.
    • In best campfire tradition, we tell stories - not ghost stories, but mauling stories.
    • How could I not feel so bad when I had just found out my brother was mauled by two dogs?
    • Her hands and feet were also badly mauled by stray dogs.
    • Sometimes I feel like a cat that is being mauled by a small child.
    • Calls have been made for a change in the law on dangerous dogs after a 12-year-old boy was savagely mauled.
    • Only days before Custer's loss, Crook's cavalry was mauled near the Rosebud River.
    • Right when I walked into the gymnasium, I was practically mauled by Rory and Sara.
    • We would tell them that an animal has mauled a person at the zoo and they would have to find out from the footprints and animal imprints what kind of animal did it.
    • The beast just overwhelmed him, just mauled him as he slept.
    • At Babylon there is a famous basalt statue of a man being mauled by a lion.
    • More riots are expected as a 30% transport and bread price increase mauls family budgets.
    • ‘We all had it,’ she says, sitting on a rug in front of her mud hut while her granddaughter mauls a stalk of sugarcane.
    • Trembling slightly, Ian continued to crouch down, doubled-up in an almost foetal position, and waited to be mauled.
    • The patient was mauled by a pet Labrador in June, leaving her with severe facial injuries that her doctors said made it difficult for her to speak and eat.
    • They would gang up on a lone rhino and maul it to death.
    • A fourth person was mauled to death by a crocodile, the paper reported.
    • A mother whose two dogs mauled a young girl today pleaded for them not to be destroyed and claimed: ‘My dogs are not dangerous.’
    • Dogs and foxes always go for the neck, but this time whatever attacked the sheep pounced on it from behind, pinning it down and mauling both sides of the back.
    • He won't maul intruders, but he won't leave surprises on the carpet either.
    • Some more chaste readers may blanch at this next revelation, but I maul books: I scribble in margins, bend pages, use inside covers as note-pads.
    • Bears shall maul the wicked, and the wolves shall consume them.
    • But the guilt has been creeping up on me, grasping at my skin, gnawing away at my bones, chewing on my heart, mauling my conscience, and spitting out my toenails one by one.
    • A woman has told today how her pet dog's life is hanging in the balance after it was badly mauled by another canine in an unprovoked attack.
  • 2

    (novel/reputation/play) destrozar
    (novel/play/reputation) vapulear
    • If a book has been mauled by our critics, one can hardly expect the massacre to be put on display in a shop aiming to shift copies of the offending item.
    • It is attracting much controversy, as well as being mauled by the movie critics.
    • She understood his work, read his proofs and even took over his correspondence when he became ill after publishing the Origin of Species which he feared would receive a critical mauling.
    • Despite it all, he wrote a fictionalised account of his disastrous passion and was promptly mauled by critics and friends alike.
    • Despite being mauled by critics, it managed to exceed box office expectations in its opening weekend.