Traducción de maunder en Español:


divagar, v.

Pronunciación /ˈmɔndər//ˈmɔːndə/

verbo intransitivo

  • 1

    • A good editor would have ensured that these characters did not have as much time to maunder on endlessly and indulge in the most banal conversation.
    • I've maundered and pondered and arm-waved about something like this for ages.
    • It sometimes reads like the most self-indulgent and maundering commonplace book, pregnant with ideas and jottings, their author unwilling or unable to develop them cogently.
    • Every issue has a cluster of stories that vary wildly in style and tone, from maundering musings to cold silence, from freehand swirls to suffocating realism.
    • And if I've devoted too much time to maundering about this, it's from a sort of frustration.
    • A longer perspective is more pertinent and more relevant to the future than listening to televised imbeciles maundering about the ‘death of liberalism.’
    • More to the point, for all his maundering about the estate tax, it hasn't done anything to break up the great fortunes of our era.
    • In a bleary voice he seems to be maundering about Christ, Armageddon, calendars, and China.
    • They both maunder on for what feels like several hours about this wonderful patriarchal peasant society where the men spend all their time talking about food, and the women spend all their time preparing it.