Traducción de max en Español:


máx., n.

Pronunciación /mæks//maks/


  • 1

    to the max al máximo
    • He is the reason why I have my life together and why I push myself to the max.
    • The banks are involved in a dogfight for market share and will push lending to the max if they have to.
    • And they were what we intellectuals call career opportunists - to the max.
    • You are invariably greeted with a whopping great shrine in the front room, decorated to the max, with a door leading to the kitchen and family quarters behind.
    • This song in particular deserves to be cranked up to the max.
    • Visitors to his Pebble Beach manse find that not only are bathrooms and fridges stocked to the max but so is the supply of athletic equipment.
    • Just don't expect to tweak your processor to the max or have the fastest system on the planet.
    • And despite the euro hitting its peak while I was there, I still managed to raise cultural experiences to the max.
    • Hollywood then takes this basic premise, amplifies it to the max, and time-compresses the results to fit their typical short attention span.
    • Pamper yourself to the max so you'll be the girl who makes people stop and stare.
    • It takes Jason's idea and exploits it to the max.
    • For there will be a whole subsegment of patients who get placed on second and third drugs or whose doses get pushed to the max to try to meet the ideal cholesterol level.
    • I huffed back into the shops, my camera fired up and hidden under my sleeve, already zoomed in to the max with the flash turned off, so I could shoot from as far away as possible.
    • The company describes its approach as going to the max.
    • So there is that strain there too, where one set of associations, if you like, are being resourced to the max, and the trade unions are not.
    • Officials are pushing the drainage system to the max, but it could take more than three weeks to get rid of that much water.
    • The calls are timed to be disruptive to the max, like just before meetings, or at the start of major activities and projects.
    • If we accept that we are limited in resources, then it is clear that we must use the little that we have to the max if we are to improve the lot of our people.
    • At the same time, though its humor's lowbrow to the max, it's all wrong for the kid market.
    • Studies show that hair actually grows slower when you are stressed to the max.
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