Traducción de meager en Español:


escaso, adj.

(British meagre)

Pronunciación /ˈmiɡər//ˈmiːɡə/


  • 1

    (scanty, bare)
    (resources/salary/portion) escaso
    (resources/salary/portion) exiguo
    (existence) precario
    • He had laid off some heavy bets recently and his meagre earnings as a postman would not cover them.
    • While they wait for the train, the prisoners eat their meager ration of bread.
    • Long waiting lists, a meagre state health budget and inadequate hospital services prompted the three men to raise cash and build their own hospital on the southside of Dublin.
    • In a household where one of the parents was a newly graduated professor of linguistics and the other an artist, income was usually rather meagre and spasmodic in nature.
    • Although she was managing to get by on the meagre salary she drew tutoring primary-school children after school, it most likely wouldn't last.
    • Its meager light provided the group its only means of illumination.
    • Shadows offered only meagre protection, but it was protection I was thankful for as I listened to her footsteps come down the hall toward me, the steps slow and measured.
    • A staggering 71% of workers in the industry don't even have access to a pension at work and many will be reliant on a meagre state pension to provide their retirement income.
    • Colin Farrell, the latest Irish actor to make it in Hollywood, might command millions for a movie, but other Irish actors are struggling on meagre wages in theatre and television at home.
    • He began to drink heavily, left London in 1914, and spent the rest of his life roaming around Ireland, living off meagre earnings from hastily scribbled articles and stories.
    • The institutions' motivation is obvious: they are thinking about what you'll be earning in ten years time, rather than the meagre sums many students earn now.
    • I was being jerked around in my seat like a rag doll and in fear I reached for the dash to provide some form of meagre support.
    • The big winner (or big loser, depending on your perspective) wins $50,000, a suitably meagre sum for a Canadian game show.
    • Earnings on this level fall to a meagre three cents a share.
    • Shadowy clouds completely obscured the moon, leaving a meager handful of stars to vainly attempt to provide light.
    • And from what I've seen, you're pretty content with your meagre wardrobe.
    • All the same he would queue up with the other drones for hours to receive his meagre earnings.
    • The profligate US government, it was said, could not finance its deficits from the meager savings of its people, thereby necessitating borrowing from abroad.
    • Its greatest weakness is its meager budget and limited scope.
    • Through the solid floor of the abode, the chill of winter seeped in, fettered little by the meagre warmth provided by the fire.
  • 2literario

    (thin, feeble)
    magro literario
    • She had a slim and meager body, her neck was long, and her cheekbones were easily distinguished.
    • She seemed so meagre and weak, like her body had lost that glow.