Traducción de meandering en Español:


serpenteante, adj.

Pronunciación /miˈændərɪŋ//mɪˈandərɪŋ/


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    (course/river) serpenteante
    it was a meandering speech fue un discurso lleno de divagaciones
    • But during my long, meandering walks through London, I marveled at the architecture, parks, and people.
    • He tossed all the company men overboard and took his rag tag crew on a meandering route to Barbados.
    • Built on seven hills and intersected by the meandering River Vltava, Prague offers a stunning array of architecture.
    • Slowly the landscape changed as the two elementals followed the meandering river.
    • The centerpiece of Cumbler's story is the meandering Connecticut River, stretching from the border with Canada to the Atlantic Ocean.
    • The humans pursued a meandering course through the forest.
    • Oxbow lakes are formed when river channels cut through their own meandering paths and form shorter courses, leaving standing bodies of water.
    • The aptly titled venue was surrounded by a huge gorge, rolling bluffs and a meandering river.
    • One antiqued gray-green shape suggests a Japanese stone lantern, while its surface mimes an aerial view of a meandering river.
    • The opening animated graphic is a meandering roadway which, after describing a few bends and curves, stops and emits skinny flagpoles flying the section headings.
    • The space for each city was divided in two by a meandering path extending from Cario to Dakar.
    • The last phase of the project converted the meandering Kissimmee River, the main watershed artery to Lake Okeechobee, into a formless drainage canal.
    • The rear garden is dotted with mature spruce trees and frames a view of the meandering Derry river, which provides a natural boundary for the property.
    • In the avalanche of smells and sounds and sights on the crowded beach we had forgotten the twins, each of us assuming that they were following our meandering path.
    • A bank of lush vegetation separates the tree-lined driveway on one side from its boundary, which is defined by the meandering river Deelagh.
    • The family acquired a former cereal farm, a 300 hectare spread extending along both sides of the meandering river Ega.
    • A journey on a Brisbane River ferry highlights the contrasting character of adjacent pockets within the meandering river.
    • And the program includes almost all the states bordering the river, from its start as a meandering creek in northern Minnesota to its end at the Gulf of Mexico - 2,500 miles later.
    • I made the drive through the meandering roads of Montecito once a week.
    • Grids lay upon the landscape reducing meandering rivers and their jagged embankments to scenic enjoyments or inconveniences to overcome.