Traducción de meaning en Español:


significado, n.

Pronunciación /ˈmiːnɪŋ//ˈminɪŋ/


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    (of word) significado masculino
    (of word) acepción femenino
    (of sentence, symbol, act) significado masculino
    this word has several meanings esta palabra tiene varias acepciones / varios significados
    • literal/figurative meaning sentido literal/figurado
    • to lend new meaning to sth darle un nuevo sentido / significado a algo
    • if you take my meaning si me entiendes
    • I don't quite get your meaning no entiendo lo que quieres decir
    • my life has lost its meaning mi vida ha perdido el sentido / ya no tiene razón de ser
    • that has very little meaning these days eso significa muy poco hoy en día
    • Clues abound, but definitive meaning is elusive.
    • According to Indian linguistics, when we hear words, we do not decode the meaning intended by the speaker.
    • Erik faced his friend and scrutinized him for hidden meanings behind his words.
    • Slowly, I begin to pick up a few words and try to memorize their meanings.
    • The average reader does not need a glossary for the meanings of all such words, for they are clearly elicited in the context.
    • Possible meanings of words contribute to the meaning of an utterance, which is an act by a speaker.
    • On first reading one may not understand all the meanings within a poem, but one can appreciate its rhythms and imagery.
    • They also help communicate, in a fundamental way, the very meaning of the work.
    • Surely we can imagine other meanings and contexts for these words.
    • Some words are spelled the same as or very close to other words with different meanings.
    • The author often employs qualitative terms without explaining their meaning.
    • A principio can mean both ‘in the beginning’ and ‘from the beginning’, and the double meaning is significant.
    • He was an intensely charismatic actor and conveyed the meanings of words as dramatically and sensitively as the music.
    • Many of us didn't understand their meanings, but sang them all the same.
    • No one could predict them or perhaps even properly understand their meanings.
    • He thinks about the way one word can have two completely different meanings.
    • There were many meanings in his words, and all of them made me second guess the truths I had known all my life.
    • In language, intonation is an important source of meaning.
    • These picture puzzles depended, like puns, on the assonance of words that have different meanings.
    • Perhaps even more ironic was our conversation about names and their meanings.


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