Traducción de meanness en Español:


tacañería, n.

Pronunciación /ˈminˌnəs//ˈmiːnnəs/


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    tacañería femenino
    mezquindad femenino
    • Scots meanness was actually invented by a Scot, the comedian Harry Lauder; before him, Highland hospitality was a universally used phrase meaning generosity.
    • He censures the cruelty of slave masters, the dodges of legacy hunters, and the meanness of the wealthy, but the targets of his criticisms are normally anonymous.
    • Nothing but meanness is stopping us having homes like the Jetsons.
    • Kidman's thriftiness was sometimes interpreted as meanness, but while he sacked employees for trivial waste, he was generous enough to donate properties and money to charitable causes.
    • The Holyrood project has scuppered Scotland's reputation for meanness - perhaps a Minister for Frugality is needed or a Department of Thrift.
    • McMaster has been very successful in off-setting the meanness of the public purse by extending sponsorship and gifts to the present 28% of income.
    • He has written to the Berlin-based national association of advertising agencies telling them their obsession with Scottish meanness is damaging.
    • It belies the myth of Scottish meanness, eh, what with that and Ken's generous lift the previous night.
    • As well as provoking mirth, the alleged meanness of Scots is also a powerful marketing tool.
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    maldad femenino
    • It allows deep significance to be read into mediocrity, vacuity, cheapness, meanness.
    • I stand shoulder to shoulder with all denouncers of meanness.
    • The awareness of their individual blemishes and shortcomings inclines the frustrated to detect ill will and meanness in their fellow men.
    • If you want the goodness, of which there is much, you have to put up with the meanness, of which there is much.
    • All of history's great leaders have been narcissistic; in combination with generosity of spirit, you get Lincoln; in combination with meanness of spirit, you get Henry VIII.
    • The same apprehensions, in every situation, regulate his notions of meanness or of dignity.
    • Its most malign expression is meanness and luridness that, so mendaciously, pretends to be fierce truth holding up a mirror to meanness and luridness.
    • The domestic theatre is her strength, her writer's eye picking out the daily victories, everyday meanness, with sensitivity and sympathy.
    • But prayer as a means to effect a private end is meanness and theft.
    • I can imagine how I must have felt as that little girl, being introduced to the world of unfairness and meanness that can abound.
    • There were threats, and he would come home crying about all the meanness in the world.
    • Scrooge has been immortalised in the English language as the epitome of miserliness and meanness of spirit.
    • Most of the time meanness is more dangerous than civilized standards.
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    modestia femenino
    • In Iraq, the distinction between wheaten and barley bread is identical to that in Europe: it is synonymous with poverty or meanness.
    • She struggles with the poverty and meanness of her surroundings to keep herself and her family 'respectable' and is determined that her boys will not become miners.
    • Even in her shock, she was appalled by the meanness of the men's living conditions.