Traducción de means test en Español:

means test

Pronunciación ///ˈminz ˌtɛst/


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    investigación de los ingresos de una persona para determinar si tiene derecho o no a ciertas prestaciones
    • In the first place, a means test constitutes an arbitrary method for the distribution of losses.
    • Thus, most programs that redistribute income involve a stigmatizing means test that identifies the recipients as having ‘lost out’ in pursuit of the American dream.
    • Mothers and infants were to be given free treatment but infants were covered only up to the age of six weeks rather than 16 years, and a means test of £600 was a central part of the scheme.
    • No means test and no questions about how it's spent.
    • If a bankruptcy petition is challenged, the debtor must take a means test.
    • The means test itself is a fairly gentle one.
    • Some formerly high-earning but out-of-work debtors could still pass the means test because income will be calculated based on salary and wages for the six months prior to filing.
    • The means test, for example, makes no allowance for bankruptcies due to medical emergencies.
    • However, it will not require a weekly means test - and the majority of pensioners will not have to notify changes in their financial circumstances for five years, the government has said.
    • The means test includes income from all sources and the value of their assets including house, stocks, shares, securities, cash in hand, in trust, lodged, on deposit or invested.
    • It is common to hear people say that the Government has decided to do this or that, for example, ‘the Government is introducing means tests for disability benefits’.
    • The Bankruptcy Act will implement a means test to determine ability to shell out at least a portion of arrears.
    • In addition, millions of married couples would not receive the new tax credit, either because they failed the means-test, or they had no school-age children.
    • The proposed law would require a means test to determine whether a consumer can file a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, which liquidates assets and eliminates debt, or a Chapter 13, which requires a repayment plan.
    • Assistance is available to one and two-parent families with children under the age of 18 years, or students under the age of 19 years, who pass a means test.
    • The new law uses a means test to determine ability to continue paying debts over an extended period of time.
    • Although the first £6,000 of savings is excluded from this means test, I view this inflated interest calculation as scandalous and shameful.

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    comprobar los recursos económicos de
    • The government will be means-testing half the entire pensioner population.