Traducción de measly en Español:


mísero, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈmizli//ˈmiːzli/

adjetivomeaslier, measliest

  • 1coloquial

    (portion/salary) mísero
    (salary/portion) miserable
    • One measly crumb of comfort is that the rate of decline has slowed.
    • All that work to find out that I owe less than - wait for it - a measly £7!
    • As the microwave chimed its monotone signal, Kelvin took out his measly breakfast and began reading papers as he consumed it.
    • The highest rating that movie got was three measly stars.
    • She had only one bathroom break, and three measly meals (usually gruel) were sent to her daily.
    • In just over a decade, sales of Chilean wine have increased from a measly 14,000 cases a year in 1990 to 820,000 cases a year last year.
    • He was about six feet tall while I was a measly five.
    • Alas, it was not to be, so we're stuck with a measly 20GB hard drive.
    • She hated the long hours, the measly wages, the heat of the kitchen, and most of all, she hated that she never saw Noah.
    • How could losing a measly five hours of sleep possibly make me this tired for the rest of the week?
    • She could barely pay the rent off of the measly tips that the patrons were giving, and her wages were too low to provide her with any material comfort.
    • She worked in a bar for minimum wage and practically lived off of the measly tips she made.
    • Did I say a few measly hours ago that I was homesick?
    • It has a lot of ground to cover in twenty-six measly episodes.
    • Rune looked at her measly amount of writing and felt ashamed.
    • Unfortunately, instead of a partnership the brothers offer Steven a measly $20 raise.
    • All fans get is a measly theatrical trailer for the film.
    • Why can't you sell us just one measly bag of your rice?
    • As investors tire of measly 2% returns, they could dip more earnestly into stocks.
    • He had made that long trek here for a few measly minutes of conversation.
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