Traducción de measure en Español:


medida, n.

Pronunciación /ˈmɛʒər//ˈmɛʒə/


  • 1

    • 1.1(system)

      medida femenino
      liquid/dry measure medida para líquidos/áridos
      • beyond measure inconmensurable
      • Often the two sets of data have very different scales of measure, so a bar graph would not work.

    • 1.2(unit)

      medida femenino
      unidad femenino
      • The unit of toxin measure is the hemagglutinating unit (hau).
      • You already know about selecting your units of measure.
      • For that it needed a flexible, easily deployed system that would enable operations people to forecast by various units of measure.
      • The basic mechanisms of RAM memory are detailed, and memory units of measure are outlined and explained.
      • Similarly, units of measure had to be reconciled.
      • It was an old one, with weight and measures on the top.
      • In layman's terms, standard deviation is a unit of statistical measure that also expresses the probability of a given outcome arising.
      • Most confusing are the measures of kilos, hectares, kilometers, centimeters, and grams.
      • As all units of measure are determined arbitrarily in the first place, though not fixed by law, obviously they can be altered by law.
      • Invariable uniformity of value in the currency, has a relation to the interests of the people, similar to that of uniformity of weights and measures.

    • 1.3(amount)

      cantidad femenino
      mix equal measures of flour and sugar mezclar harina y azúcar en cantidades iguales
      • I wasn't given full measure no me dieron lo que (me) merecía
      • with a (certain) measure of success con cierto éxito
      • they were granted a considerable measure of autonomy se les concedió un grado considerable de autonomía
      • in some measure en cierta medida
      • in large / great / no small measure en gran medida
      • for good measure
      • take two for good measure lleva dos por si acaso / para que no vaya a faltar
      • she threw in an extra one for good measure me dio una de regalo
      • Don't let the late-night munchies make you pay £1.50 for a Mars bar or £6 for a single measure of spirits.

    • 1.4British (size)

      medida femenino
      he had it made to measure se lo mandó hacer a (la) medida
      • the true measure of the problem la verdadera magnitud / envergadura del problema
      • to have the measure of sth/sb
      • fortunately I had his measure/ the measure of him por suerte yo ya lo tenía calado
      • I think I have the measure of it now creo que le he agarrado la onda

  • 2

    • 2.1(device)

      medida femenino
      a pint/yard measure una medida de una pinta/yarda

    • 2.2(indicator, yardstick)

      indicador masculino
      this will give you a measure of the problem esto te dará una idea de la magnitud / la envergadura del problema
      • This is one of the most visible and encouraging measures of the success of these institutions.
      • Customer loyalty and satisfaction are key measures of success.
      • I'm happy to accept this wager as a measure of the quality of my predictions about the long term sustainability of commons-based peer production.
      • It is a measure of the quality you can expect to hear, however, that whatever you pay to see them will probably be worth it.
      • It would at least have given a clear measure of the extent of anti-agreement sentiment in the unionist community.
      • That alone is a measure of the extent to which the listeners were drawn into the music, but subsequent conversation proved the point.

  • 3

    medida femenino
    to take measures to + inf tomar medidas para + inf
    • we'll have to take drastic measures to prevent it tendremos que tomar medidas drásticas para impedirlo
    • It must publish and implement clear, enforceable measures to achieve enhanced productivity from those that will still be employed by the state.
    • A company spokesman said no further cost-cutting measures were planned for its Irish operations.
    • The bad news is that more cost-cutting measures are likely.
    • Another measure planned will allow for cross-investments between sub-funds run by the same fund manager.
    • Banks will also be asked to draw up measures to achieve gender equality, and agree a plan for achieving targets.
    • It said cost-cutting measures and cost control remain the focus for more than one-third of organisations in 2004.
    • This is part of our precautionary measure to avoid double claiming and unwarranted abuse of this program by some unscrupulous elements.
    • It added that these international players have started initiating cost-cutting measures to improve their cost-structure.
    • The Board was planning measures which would lead to the reduction of the illegal practice.
    • Some of these measures have been achieved, to an extent, but often outside the UN framework.
    • Layoffs, streamlining operations, and other cost cutting measures are the norm these days as businesses contemplate their futures.
    • Don't assume someone else will clean up after an accident, and take precautionary measures to prevent the next one.
    • Control measures should be initiated as soon as possible, both to improve effectiveness and reduce total control costs.
    • The Green Party's new election manifesto contains a programme of realistic, mutually consistent and self-reinforcing measures to achieve localisation.
    • Boston also contends that the plan does not offer measures to stimulate the economy.
    • ‘Of course, we understand Dublin's desire to take precautionary measures,’ a British spokesman said.
    • There are, however, control measures in operation which reduce this risk.
    • But the Court said that, while such an objective was legitimate, the measures used to achieve it went beyond what was necessary.
    • But the remedial measures planned expose the government's failure to understand the realities that the country will face in the coming decades.
    • The company has already said it will take a restructuring charge this year due to cost-cutting measures in its operations.
  • 4

    • 4.1Literatura

      pie masculino

    • 4.2Literatura

      metro masculino
      • The show coasted on sheer mastery of compas, the rhythmic measure that defines all flamenco, and on the charisma of the artists probing the art's dark and light moods.
      • The golden measure of poetry does not yet exist, only the rhythm of the maracas, the exact sound of the kettledrum.

    • 4.3US Música

      compás masculino
      • Medtner's concerto storms right from the opening measures and sings heroically throughout.
      • There are rarely more than four measures of music without a voice-over.
      • Students coordinate some measures naturally, while stumbling through other more difficult measures.
      • The first four measures sound practiced and include accurate articulation, steady rhythm and even a dynamic shade or two.
      • We sense the tragedy of the poetic ballad and the noble lineage of its characters in the very opening measures of the musical rendering.
      • At a signal, they stop for six measures but continue to count silently with no physical movement.
      • I can't think of too many recitals where you'd hire two extra singers for a few measures of music.
      • The first sixteen measures end with an arpeggiated cadence in piano two.
      • The first few measures of music drifted easily through the air, reaching Jynx's ears and beckoning her to find its source.
      • On the second, they were shown the first two measures of each piece and then asked to play as much as they could remember (cued recall).
      • The final presto measures will leave you breathless.
      • At his first rehearsal with us he conducted about two measures and then put his baton down.
      • In measures 68 and 69, an A-major chord, the dominant of the key, is sounded, signaling the end of the piece.
      • At measure 31, a cadenza is marked in the flute parts; however, it is not noted in the piano part or the original score.
      • Fingering is given where hand position shifts are required, on chromatic lines and on first beats of measures where a new phrase begins.
      • This practice technique establishes the student's security in starting a work on downbeats of measures.
      • The second movement is morbidly dreamy, and its final measures have never sounded so beautiful!
      • I heard the first few measures of Mozart's third violin concerto in my head set to the rhythm of the crude chant.
      • Play the last four notes of each measure staccato, or make a crescendo into the next measure.
      • Could the French horn line be omitted for a few measures without disturbing the score's overall harmony and rhythmic flow?
      • His playing is so awful in these few measures, which form the very heart of the piece, as to create a metaphor for his performance of the entire work.

    • 4.4(dance)

      to tread a measure danzar
      • The birds twitter, the horn calls back, the mountain folk dance a droll measure, and all's right with the Alpine world.
      • Ian laughed lightly and then swept her into the first measure of the dance.
      • Ben watched with amazement that turned to pride as Hoss delicately guided Alberta Evans into the first few measures of the dance.

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    (speed/waist/length) medir
    he went to be measured for a suit fue a que le tomaran las medidas para un traje
    • to measure one's length (on the ground) medir el suelo (con el cuerpo)
    • he measured his length on the ground midió el suelo (con el cuerpo)
  • 2

    (mark off, count)
    he measured 6oz of flour pesó 6 onzas de harina
  • 3

    to measure sth against sth comparar algo con algo
    • she was eager to measure herself against the opposition estaba ansiosa por enfrentarse a su contrincante / por medir armas con su contrincante

verbo intransitivo

  • 1

    it measures 10ft across mide / tiene 10 pies de ancho
    • what does it measure? ¿cuánto mide?