Traducción de measured en Español:


acompasado, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈmɛʒərd//ˈmɛʒəd/


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    (step/stride) acompasado
    (words/language) moderado
    (language/words) comedido
    (language/words) mesurado
    • This achievement is the fruit of a decade of collective measured thought and painstaking preparation before construction began in 2001.
    • He approached Drake, Quin, and Dale with slow, measured steps.
    • There is an unfailing meticulousness, consistency of approach, measured critique, and a no-nonsense tone to his prose.
    • Personally I think not, as I have always tried to speak in a measured and considered manner, and nobody has called me stupid yet.
    • With the measured steps of a predator, Jason entered.
    • His writing is clear, measured and precise.
    • While it's no surprise that this script is based on Nelson's own play, given the perfectly measured arguments, the film is never short on cinematic virtues.
    • With finality Skye stopped walking, the measured beat of her steps coming to an abrupt end.
    • Her slow, measured movements of bending, dipping in to the buckets and straightening up, moving each time to the very edge of the ledge had a deeply meditative effect.
    • Nitrus, complying, took slow, measured steps as if it was all a part of a master plan, yet he was shaking inwardly.
    • Jacob walked in measured steps across the floor to the throne.
    • We will not hesitate to take on tough, escalating issues, but we will do so in a measured, thoughtful fashion.
    • She moved past Kevin and walked with a slow, measured pace down the hill.
    • Kirkland's measured arguments, and his sense of fair play, commanded respect in both union halls and the halls of power in Washington.
    • McGrath talks about his history in contemplative and carefully measured tones.
    • Occasionally, a small shudder reverberated through her frame, almost as unnoticeable as her father's slow, measured breathing.
    • This dignified and measured document does that with overwhelming conviction.
    • He just showed the slides, two by two, with a measured pace and a few syncopated pauses precisely where one needed time.
    • When he talks, it is with quiet, carefully measured sentences.
    • But the practicalities of measured judgement and well-timed decisions and deals can, they argue, be learnt and well cultivated.
    • We generally move in careful increments at a measured pace.
    • He took slow, measured steps as if it was all a part of a master plan, but he was shaking inwardly.
    • The Spanish boy had already begun to pace, moving to circle about her with slow, measured sidesteps.
    • The measured rhythm of their hoofs gave point to her words.
    • His measured and dignified prose is cool, lucid, and enlivened by ironic wit.
    • But it succeeded, unlike so many others, because of careful planning and a measured approach.
    • ‘We have a measured execution plan from a cost point of view,’ Crowley said.
    • Red mounted the steps of Claw's headquarters with measured tread, the chill of the night air leaving him.
    • Her writing and performance are as measured and thoughtful as they are snortingly funny.
    • When he spoke his words were measured and careful, but they were growled at her.
    • Walking with measured steps she knelt down at the corner of the cave.
    • He walked with a slow, measured pace towards Brandon and growled slightly.
    • It's a measured and thoughtful film from a director usually defined by his acts of excess.
    • The older man nods, as always the picture of measured consideration.
    • The girl stopped to listen and, when no sound met her ears, chose a direction at random and began to take slow, measured steps.
    • Attracted by the smooth flow and formal consistency of Arabic metrical verse, Hebrew poets adopted its rhythmical patterns, and some tunes also acquired measured rhythms.
    • He was the same old Riley, with the tender brown eyes and the soft and measured voice, impeccable dress, and perfect hair.
    • As she stepped out lightly to the beat in measured, graceful ballet steps, she saw her parents smiling proudly at her from the front row.
    • When she finally answered, it was in a slow and measured tone.
    • Hackles rising straight from his neck, his eyes bugged distressingly as he tracked Samantha's measured pace from the back of the chamber to the chair beside the bench.
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    (exactly calculated)
    over a measured 3-mile course en un circuito de 3 millas (exactas)