Traducción de measuring tape en Español:

measuring tape

cinta métrica, n.


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    cinta métrica femenino
    metro masculino
    huincha (de medir) femenino Chile
    • The best measuring tape is metal ¾ inch wide - so it won't buckle when extended - and 16 feet long.
    • Lands' End relies on a list of simple questions that don't require the shopper to break out the measuring tape - such things as shoe size, sport-coat size, height, and weight.
    • Another method is to use a body weight equation which only requires a measuring tape.
    • She whipped out a cloth measuring tape from her pocket.
    • Another man behind him held pins, a measuring tape, and a pair of scissors.
    • Amelia Bird beckoned my mother to another room adjoining the one we were in presently to look at the costume as she gathered her measuring tape and a few more pins for Lacey.
    • Made of found objects such as handheld yellow flashlights, measuring tape, wire and rulers, the intricate hodgepodge of elements seems about to peel away from the walls.
    • Climbing the ladder with a measuring tape in her hand, she measured the wall of what seemed to be the living room.
    • ‘I hope you realize that you ripped my measuring tape,’ he said in a pleasant voice.
    • After Giorgio held his measuring tape to his arms, shoulders, waist and all that jazz, Kaleb was still standing quite stunned.
    • Without another word, she cautiously stepped onto the stool as the tailor got out a measuring tape.
    • Not too long ago, the most efficient process involved a three-person team - one with a clipboard and two with a measuring tape, calling out distances.
    • Engineers would draw out their measuring tapes.
    • She wound up the measuring tape and made a few marks on a sheet of parchment.
    • She stood on a three legged stool, as a bustling woman with pins in her mouth and a measuring tape around her neck pinned white cloth and frills on her.
    • So with field guide and measuring tape in hand, head to the woods and keep your eyes peeled for a tree with royal sap.
    • ‘Umm… no,’ Dancer replied, trying to stand still as Arachne attacked her with the measuring tape.
    • The fuzzy toy mouse houses a coiled measuring tape that expands to 60 inches.
    • At the show, Stanley introduced a line of Fat Max hammers, measuring tapes, and utility knives.
    • It is not that anybody really needs yet another hammer or measuring tape.