Traducción de mechanical engineering en Español:

mechanical engineering

ingeniería mecánica, n.


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    ingeniería mecánica femenino
    • At university, degrees in topics such as accountancy and architecture, or medicine and mechanical engineering are career orientated.
    • After a common first year there are three specialist routes: signal engineering, civil and track engineering and electrical and mechanical engineering.
    • The scheme is run chiefly for boys interested in mechanics and mechanical engineering.
    • He then studied mechanical engineering and mathematical physics at Hannover, Zurich and Göttingen.
    • Two of us are aviation students and one does mechanical engineering so there was a bit of science behind it.
    • Complex connections between muscles, tendons, and bones can often be modeled using linkage theory from mechanical engineering.
    • John Charnock is a professional engineer with a speciality in the field of mechanical engineering.
    • Yash is due to study mechanical engineering in India.
    • Most of the awards were for achievements in mechanical engineering, transport, information technology and telecommunications.
    • The college receives support in mechanical engineering, tools, and modern equipment and is considered a first class school.
    • Firstly, if you want to be involved in the design aspect of mechanical engineering then you should aim to study at a university for a degree.
    • The course has reassured me that mechanical engineering is definitely the right career for me.
    • The result is a serious and growing shortage of skilled workers in key careers such as electronic design and mechanical engineering.
    • With very few exceptions, most examples of bioadhesion have yet to be reduced to a simple set of principles in chemical and mechanical engineering.
    • He half wishes he had studied psychology instead of mechanical engineering at LSU.
    • Daniel is a 22-year-old Australian Defence Force Academy graduate with a degree in mechanical engineering.
    • He works as an engineering project manager and has a PhD in mechanical engineering.
    • The standards of the eighteenth-century clockmaker were no longer an expensive skill, but part of the conventional wisdom of mechanical engineering.
    • He's majoring in mechanical engineering, by the way.
    • Again, with a far-sightedness way beyond his years, he chose mechanical engineering as his path after secondary school.