Traducción de mechanism en Español:


mecanismo, n.

Pronunciación /ˈmɛkəˌnɪzəm//ˈmɛk(ə)nɪz(ə)m/


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    • 1.1(of machine, brain)

      mecanismo masculino
      • These two holes must be coordinated so the mechanism will properly fit together.
      • Over his own grunts and snarls, he failed to hear the snap of the trigger mechanism.
      • The valve train consists of the valves and a mechanism that opens and closes them.
      • Children had to be able to tolerate and avoid touching the catheter and the pump mechanism.
      • A bright spark shot up the length of the bolt into the chamber of the locking mechanism, triggering the circuitry to release the lock.
      • However, it is rather puzzling that only in this part of the zones such triggering mechanisms did not operate.
      • Protecting lift shafts and mechanisms so they can safely be used for evacuation should also be considered.
      • He ducked at the sound of the trigger mechanism and dodged the gunfire completely.
      • The slight hiss is, to my ears, about the same as the tape mechanism in my van - maybe even a bit less.
      • These trigger mechanisms depend on several conditions being ‘right’ at the same time.
      • All this is conventional, except for the projection forward of present-day mechanisms and gadgetry.
      • Felix is a very clever engineer who designs mechanisms that in the end are very simple and also easy to maintain.
      • Our clock is a superb piece of engineering, and has a mechanism that is almost identical to Big Ben in London.
      • Gears are precision mechanisms only if quality is consistent from tooth to tooth.
      • As soon as they are about to hit the trigger mechanism, bang the coin-return button.
      • The engineer was one of her agents, and he had a special mechanism in the engine.
      • The mechanism for lifting the grate lay in a concealed room of the cave that was on the right of the stairs.
      • In his mind Harry began going over the internal mechanisms of this particular old heap of unobliging metal.
      • Staff were also seen checking the mechanism which worked the electronic security gates at the end of the drive.
      • A lift mechanism for raising the tray carrier into the enclosure is also disclosed.

    • 1.2(procedure)

      mecanismo masculino
      • A plebiscite process is a democratic mechanism to ensure that the people get to choose.
      • It pulverises those delicate social mechanisms that control our baser motives.
      • There is now no doubt that natural selection is a mechanism of evolutionary change.
      • Administration would be based on existing interprovincial mechanisms, the report says.
      • Natural selection is a mechanism for generating an exceedingly high degree of improbability.
      • All of these coping mechanisms have had a serious impact on the function of the family.
      • It is also of significance in new drug development based on the mechanism of Chinese medicine.
      • Rather, they encourage the body's own healing mechanisms to restore its natural equilibrium.
      • It is an uncertainty she lives with every day, but her coping mechanisms have got better over the years.
      • The conference also established the mechanism through which the Alliance would operate.
      • Also known as splitting, there is some suggestion that this arises in early childhood as a coping mechanism.
      • Higher plants have developed several elaborate mechanisms to ward off pathogen attack.
      • Many organisms have natural mechanisms for protecting themselves from the toxic effects of metals.
      • Many of our mechanisms to develop and deliver rights protection contain covert begging processes.
      • Extensive investigations have failed to detect such a mechanism of gene transfer in crop plants.
      • Could it be that our coping mechanisms are working for us and therefore we don't think it's so much of a challenge?
      • There were also more general mechanisms which brought private life under the public gaze.
      • The Iraqi people must have an effective mechanism to bring complaints against soldiers who abuse their human rights.
      • The site has a simple registration process and a mechanism to ensure that both the seller and buyer get a fair deal.
      • However, the underlying mechanism that brings about this restriction is less well understood.

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    mecanicismo masculino
    • It is a different type of physics than that peddled by mechanism.
    • For Bergson, it is because the scientific pursuit is based on the principle of mechanism.
    • Yet mechanism and postmodernism are linked by a common distrust of human subjectivity.
    • It was based on antiquated natural history; he was unaffected by mechanism or Newtonianism.
    • Much of this controversy stemmed from the argument of mechanism versus vitalism.