Traducción de mechanistic en Español:


mecanicista, adj.

Pronunciación /ˌmɛkəˈnɪstɪk//mɛkəˈnɪstɪk/


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    • The true philosophy of Cudworth's intellectual system combines mechanistic atomism with Platonic metaphysics.
    • The idea of a Newtonian, mechanistic universe, and thus causal determinism, is out of date.
    • Three mechanistic hypotheses have been proposed to explain those relationships.
    • The mechanistic basis of these phenomena is not understood.
    • Until recently, this mechanistic view of nature and human beings has held sway.
    • Behaviorism is an example of a theory that is founded on a mechanistic paradigm.
    • Human behavior is to be explained in terms of mechanistic causes, just as the behavior of all natural phenomena are to be explained.
    • It demands an approach that is the negation of purely mechanistic materialism.
    • His work in chemistry was aimed at establishing it as a mathematical science based on a mechanistic theory of matter.
    • Many of the most accepted theories in the social sciences encourage a mechanistic view of human nature.
    • There is no morality in the mechanistic world, and no freedom, as human beings cannot act otherwise to their nature.
    • Second, the integration of living beings into the new natural philosophy of mechanistic naturalism was left unresolved.
    • Both sides assume an essentially deterministic, mechanistic view of nature.
    • Malik seems to recognise this threat when he argues that the attempt to understand human beings in mechanistic terms is motivated by an anti-humanism.
    • He believed in atomism and defended a mechanistic explanation of nature.
    • Allen particularly drew attention to the mechanistic materialism that underlay these conceptions.
    • Vitalism is opposed to mechanistic materialism and its thesis that life emerges from a complex combination of organic matter.
    • Perhaps you think I don't accept this idea and instead think in some literal mechanistic way?
    • There certainly appears to be a tension between a mechanistic philosophy and a humanistic outlook.
    • This reductionist or mechanistic view of patients is no longer satisfactory.