Traducción de mechanize en Español:


mecanizar, v.

Pronunciación /ˈmɛkəˌnaɪz//ˈmɛk(ə)nʌɪz/

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    (process/production/agriculture) mecanizar
    (unit/regiment) motorizar
    • Instead, armored and mechanized task forces operate in or near population centers, compounding the difficulty of their assigned tasks.
    • The mining process is more mechanized than that at most Brazilian gem mines.
    • The South African asbestos trade responded to the post-war boom by initiating and extending underground workings, and by centralizing and mechanizing the refining process.
    • Agriculture is highly mechanized, and most farms are cooperatively run on state-owned land.
    • Transportation of soldiers is another way mechanized forces can help light units.
    • Priority for use goes to armor, mechanized infantry, and cavalry units.
    • Though fish processing is mostly mechanized, small fish must be dressed by hand and that causes a bottleneck, costing the industry more than $11 million a year.
    • Together, MSC's eight fast sealift ships can carry almost all of the equipment to outfit an Army mechanized infantry division.
    • If farmers were not impelled to specialise their production in a few global commodities, the trend towards ever larger and more highly mechanised farms would abate.
    • The authors fail to understand the difference between the role of the military police and mechanized infantry forces.
    • As urban areas loom large as potential battlefields, Army armored and mechanized forces face a real challenge.
    • As an interim measure, we could attach an active or reserve component mechanized battalion task force to each division.
    • But these farms have trouble competing with larger, highly mechanized farms for the beef market.
    • Farming is becoming a largely mechanised industry.
    • An influential subset of armoured warfare, rather than a distinct doctrine in its own right, it combined the use of tanks, mechanized infantry, and air power, often with special forces.
    • In subsequent operations, tank, mechanized, and motorized rifle brigades were used as forward elements.
    • According to a source, much of the huge factory building fronting on to the racecourse is currently empty, with heavily mechanised production taking place on just one floor.
    • North Korea particularly needed oil and spare parts for its industry and largely mechanised forms of agriculture.
    • The Army is transitioning from a mechanized to an armored warfare force.
    • Soya plantations are highly mechanised and depend on the use of a staggering quantity of agrochemicals.
    • Thanks to information technology, wine analysis is today much more sophisticated than could have been imagined even a decade ago, and there have even been attempts to mechanize the process of tasting.
    • This process, which mechanizes a system long ago completed only by hand, creates the cooking and stretching attributes associated with mozzarella cheese.
    • The call was made to lead with tanks and mechanized infantry, thus allowing the main firepower to be at the front.
    • The regiment can be augmented with tank, mechanized, and engineer battalions without any expansion of organizational overhead.
    • Is there anyone who believes the march to Baghdad would have been successful without armored and mechanized forces fighting as combined arms teams?
    • Scout platoons are a recon and security element of a maneuver battalion (infantry, mechanized, tank, or cavalry).
    • Since smaller farms are more labour-intensive than larger, highly mechanised farms, they are less productive in this narrow sense.
    • The fact is that American agriculture was supposed to industrialize and mechanize its crop-gathering and harvesting 35 years ago.
    • Each maneuver troop would have four platoons: two tank and two mechanized infantry.
    • It would be wrong to imagine that even the textile industry was fully mechanized and urbanized by 1850.
    • Consequently, few photographs represented industrial environments or mechanized agriculture.
    • He was a weaver, whose job function was mechanized, so he led a movement in 19th century England to destroy the looms.
    • Perhaps more damaging, mechanizing the drug discovery process may not have left enough room for hunches and serendipity.
    • A mixed heavy-light mechanized force would frustrate enemy plans to defend against a single type of force.
    • The process may be increasingly mechanized, but women workers are still needed at every step of the way.
    • The armor and mechanized forces will carry the war to Iraq, and artillery fire support will be needed for both wars.
    • Armor platoon members can relate to logistics problems when attached to an infantry or mechanized task force not familiar with supporting armor units.
    • They've used their American education and know how to mechanize the sweets business and take it national, distributing in 40 states.
    • However, some key additions are essential to ensure that armored and mechanized task forces are ready to fight in the unique environment that awaits them.
    • Iraq's regular army consists of three armored, three mechanized, and 11 infantry divisions, but most of these units are at less than full strength.