Traducción de medallion en Español:


medallón, n.

Pronunciación /mɪˈdaljən//məˈdæljən/


  • 1

    medallón masculino
    • Absently, he felt the chain necklace and the medallion against his chest grow colder than ice.
    • Vanderkin opened the chest and removed eight gold necklaces with medallions.
    • Just then the leather cord around her neck snapped, and the medallion fell onto the stone.
    • Men and women of the upper classes wore medallions engraved with skulls and ivory heads as jewelry.
    • A silver medallion hangs on a chain around her neck.
    • It was like cutting a diamond into thinner pieces and attaching it to the sides of a gold medallion.
    • Yet, inside was a golden medallion on a silver chain.
    • There was a medallion with the shape of dragon wings around her neck.
    • She grabbed the medallion and gave a sharp wrench, breaking the chain.
    • He said nothing but obediently handed over the small bag and removed his medallion and rings.
    • All I ever saw in that jewelry box anyway were little medallions and such.
    • Some companies produce medallions or bracelets that change colour to warn of high-UV conditions.
    • At first, it looked like a thick metal bracelet with a heavy medallion set in the middle.
    • He dropped it on the bar, while Ethan passed over a worn brass medallion on a short length of broken chain.
    • She yanked out a large medallion looped through a thin gold chain.
    • Some are laden with gold medallions or sport diamond earrings.
    • He pulled the chain from her tunic, revealing the medallion hidden there.
    • Sarel pulled out a necklace with a green colored gem embedded in a medallion.
    • Around his neck are several gold chains and an astrological medallion.
    • Temporarily, I had strung Janet's ring onto the chain I wore with my medallion of Mary.
  • 2

    medallón masculino
    • I had chosen a steak plus a pork medallion and the meat arrived exactly as ordered.
    • I had the Turkey Tenderloins, turkey medallions wrapped in bacon and grilled.
    • The beef medallions were beautifully tender, and the sauce sublimely creamy and tasty, with just enough mustard to give it an ‘edge’.
    • I take my second gamble of the evening on the medallions of venison.
    • Dishes range from snacks to full meals such as fillet of beef medallions on rosti potato with rosemary sauce.