Traducción de media event en Español:

media event

acontecimiento mediático, n.


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    acontecimiento mediático masculino
    • And then to reinforce this point, the Bush administration staged a media event that it hoped would get Americans back into the skies.
    • The Bushites latest paint job was revealed at a media event staged in an Ohio factory.
    • The idea was to stage a media event that would give legitimacy to an illegal war.
    • The meeting was primarily a stage-managed media event.
    • In each cultural event, the press created a media event.
    • It's now a major media event, telecast live on Channel Four.
    • Creating a media event designed to educate the politician to make him or her appear more sensitive to the constituency can help you and the politician.
    • Although widely criticized as a tabloid media event, the trial forced the nation to address the issues of wife-beating and marital self-defense.
    • Although this approach may conserve resources, it deprives a candidate of the benefits of staging a media event.
    • This was a press conference of platitudes, a media event long on symbolism but short on substance.
    • Will they find news or a manufactured media event?
    • It was a media event, and everyone wanted a piece of the action.
    • The destruction of the statue last week was a manipulated media event.
    • And to provide a befitting finale to the media event, she even participated in the mock funeral procession of ‘justice’.
    • Yesterday was but a media event, produced and directed by the Pentagon.
    • He faked a media event that made it seem as if the war was over, which must mean that he has a very scant idea of what we are up against.
    • Instead, he staged a goofy media event wherein he was seen yelling incomprehensibly at confused forestry workers and waving around a chunk of 2 by 4 at them.
    • They must stage a media event of unprecedented proportions.
    • This is the second time Chung has held a media event to draw public attention to the issue.
    • But with Al and Tipper and what was, clearly, a major media event, I couldn't resist.