Traducción de mediate en Español:


mediar, v.

Pronunciación /ˈmidiˌeɪt//ˈmiːdɪeɪt/

verbo intransitivo

  • 1

    actuar de mediador
    to mediate in a dispute mediar / actuar de mediador en un conflicto
    • Again, it was the patron's role to mediate between the artist and the press, ensuring a harmonious relationship on both sides.
    • He was a member of John Smith's leadership team and his diplomatic skills were used to mediate between Peter Mandelson and Gordon Brown at the height of their feud.
    • I asked what attempt had been made to mediate between dissatisfied community members and the school staff and council.
    • Public opinion in Europe strongly supported the Greek struggle and the governments of Britain, France, and Russia signed a protocol agreeing to mediate between the Greeks and Turks.
    • The Councillor has stepped in to mediate between the council and worried library-goers at a meeting due to take place on Tuesday.
    • She revealed that moves were afoot to send in a representative of the Irish Coastguard Service to mediate between the two sides in about two weeks time to sort out the situation.
    • The authority would then attempt to mediate between the two neighbours and find a compromise.
    • The tumult subsided only after the city's notables began to mediate between the two sides; as a final victory, the official was forced to offer a public apology.
    • It was Spring who proposed the establishment of an international body to mediate between the parties.
    • Consumer complaints will be investigated by a complaints officer, who will mediate between the consumer and the supplier to try and reach resolution.
    • He tried to mediate between the factions.
    • He is now attempting to mediate between the two sides.
    • He says that the army and the police who mediate between the settlers and the villagers are no good.
    • While asked to mediate between the rival families of Lusignan and Angoulême, he married the Angoulême heiress Isabella, who had been betrothed to Hugh de Lusignan.
    • Their primary role is to mediate between the bosses and the workers.
    • The licensing unit will mediate between the two parties if there are objections and appeals will be heard by a committee of councillors and, if the licence is still disputed, by magistrates.
    • Meanwhile, the US is offering to mediate between Pakistan and Afghanistan after a border clash between the two last week.
    • And Clinton told Indian lawmakers that Washington has no intention to mediate between India and Pakistan.
    • His cousin Charlie feels responsible and tries to mediate between Johnny Boy and Michael the loan shark.
    • When, for example, a dispute arises between two lineages over access to a source of water, elders of a neutral lineage will travel to mediate between the warring groups.

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    (bring about)
    (cease-fire/agreement) lograr

    actuando como mediador

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