Traducción de medicate en Español:


medicar, v.

Pronunciación /ˈmɛdɪkeɪt//ˈmɛdəˌkeɪt/

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    (patient) medicar
    (wound) curar
    • Anticipate pain and medicate the patient before turning or repositioning.
    • He is heavily medicated and his jumpy behaviour has caused most inmates to stay away from him.
    • At least that's what I thought at first, but then I realized I was heavily medicated and not even looking at my computer monitor.
    • Elaine is being heavily medicated, and seems in a deeply unconscious state.
    • For another, he's heavily medicated with antidepressants with the main side effects of sexual dysfunction and disinterest.
    • Somewhere far off, she could hear the nurses talking to her, and feel as her ankle was prodded and treated, medicated and wrapped.
    • Because of the media of mass communication even normal life events (like menopause) are medicated with expensive drugs.
    • While there for a little more than a year, he was heavily medicated with barbiturates and underwent numerous electro-convulsive treatments.
    • I'm home and I'm sick and I'm heavily medicated, so just you watch out.
    • The doctors could not find any medical reason for them and told us we should medicate him for a few years.
    • The more people who are persuaded that they have a disorder that can be medicated, the more medication the company can sell.
    • Drug companies encourage the idea that people can diagnose and medicate medical conditions themselves.
    • It seems that until recently sleeplessness was seen as a normal part of childhood, not a disorder to be medicated.
    • I would spend the next decade convincing doctors to medicate my addiction.
    • She was medicated and told that if she took the medication as directed she would never have one again.
    • My dream journal started in July 1999 when I was heavily medicated and having some real crackers that I wanted to record for prosperity.
    • His speech is slurred and he can hardly write and he is heavily medicated.
    • Thus, most practitioners did not appear to intentionally medicate patients for procedural pain.
    • For a time he was forcibly medicated, but for the past several years he has taken his drugs voluntarily.
    • She is heavily medicated and they believe she will slip into a full coma and then pass away.
    • What gives the government the right to medicate people without their permission?
    • I don't want to put her through allergy testing, but how can I safely medicate her with over-the-counter medications?
    • They examined me, fussed around me, changed the bandages, medicated the wounds.
    • In just over one year, I was medicated 11 times for upper and lower respiratory infections, and at one point I was nearly hospitalized.
    • He just doesn't agree with the rush to brand it a new mental disorder and medicate without first exploring less drastic options.
    • Contacting physicians and obtaining orders to medicate patients for pain in a timely manner frequently was a problem.
    • He is highly medicated as the result of a childhood trauma.
    • Throughout her life, she was often required to be heavily medicated.
  • 2medicated past participle

    (shampoo/soap) medicinal
    • If careful cleaning and hygiene has not helped you may be prescribed medicated tablets or lozenges, which should be sucked slowly.
    • Then apply a dab of a liquid medicated cleanser - the piercer might recommend an over-the-counter option - to the area.
    • Doctors treat scabies by prescribing a medicated cream or lotion to kill the mites.
    • And we have some kind of medicated shampoo that should help too.
    • Then use the medicated shampoo 2 or 3 times a week to keep dandruff away.
    • Always check with your doctor before using special medicated skin cleansers because these may contain strong chemicals that can be harmful if they are absorbed through a baby's skin.
    • Your dentist may cover the socket with a medicated dressing, which will be removed and replaced frequently until the socket heals.
    • If your child is 2 years old or under, you should not use medicated lice treatments.
    • Scabies is treated with medicated cream prescribed by a doctor.
    • Sometimes doctors prescribe a medicated cream or pills to treat difficult warts.
    • Your baby's eyes will be treated with medicated drops or ointment.
    • More than 70 percent of our nation's drinking water is medicated to treat the teeth, according to figures released by the U.S. Census Bureau.
    • A variety of creams, gels, paints and medicated plasters are available from pharmacies.
    • Always talk to your health care provider before using any medicated creams or ointments to treat skin problems.
    • It consists of introducing medicated oily substances into the colon to be retained and absorbed by the whole body.
    • Come on then, I think I have some medicated wipes back in my dormitory.
    • It can be taken by mouth or as a medicated shampoo.
    • Once infestation is confirmed it can be treated at home either using wet combing with conditioner, or medicated lotions, combined with a special nit comb available from pharmacies.
    • Seborrheic dermatitis of the external ear can be treated with medicated shampoo used for the scalp.
    • ‘Oh I came prepared,’ Aidan enthused and produced a bottle of medicated pet shampoo from his back pocket and passed it to Adele.