Traducción de medicinal en Español:


medicinal, adj.

Pronunciación /məˈdɪsənl//mɪˈdɪsɪn(ə)l/


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    • The majority use some of the many medicinal plants available in our biologically diverse region.
    • Thus, the bioactivity of medicinal herbs is often underestimated.
    • It is suggested that certain medicinal substances have positive pharmacological reactions.
    • We started planting these medicinal plants 25 years ago organically.
    • Some party members are able to heal themselves by eating food, or others with medicinal herbs.
    • The product range includes clothes, food articles, handicrafts and medicinal substances.
    • Although the overwhelming majority of medicinal substances come from plants, some are derived from minerals and animals.
    • Somewhere in my early teens my mother became interested in herbs and medicinal properties in plants.
    • A Victorian walled garden has been restored, which now contains western and eastern medicinal herbs, fruit, vegetables and flowers.
    • A lavishly illustrated 18th century book of medicinal herbs has been digitised and animated by the British Library.
    • It has also been demonstrated that a considerable number of Chinese medicinal herbs activate the immune system.
    • There she learned how to grow and process food and medicinal herbs.
    • There was also a kind of illicit thrill that they were in some way medicinal too.
    • Many chemical components in Chinese medicinal herbs have an antioxidant activity.
    • Over the years, people appear to have become far more interested in growing and using both medicinal and culinary herbs.
    • While the majority of species are medicinal, other useful plants were also included.
    • He attributed his enduring strength to the consumption of jamu, a medicinal drink of magical properties sold by street-hawkers.
    • Twenty-seven percent of participants reported preoperative use of medicinal herbs.
    • The most impressive sections include the long list of medicinal herbs and plants.
    • Little is known about the status of toxic metals in these medicinal plants grown in polluted environments.