Traducción de mega en Español:


descomunal, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈmɛɡə//ˈmɛɡə/



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    (expenditure) descomunal
    (expenditure) astronómico
    (edition) (invariable adjective) (before noun) súper
    (storage) enorme
  • 2

    (movie/idea) (before noun) (invariable adjective) súper coloquial
    (movie/idea) genial coloquial
    (movie/idea) bárbaro Río de la Plata coloquial
    (movie/idea) macanudo Cono Sur Perú coloquial
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    genial coloquial
    bárbaro Río de la Plata coloquial
    macanudo Cono Sur Perú coloquial
    • Why not send lots of postcards to the postal address given here instead of mega expensive texts?
    • She is the sort of one-day-maybe-me dream that inspires the merely very rich to toil and scheme to become mega rich.
    • Following this they will pick up a club class flight to Monaco, home of the mega rich and famous, for a two-night stay in David Coulthard's Columbus Hotel.
    • And who needs something mega expensive and not pretty?
    • I spent quite awhile studying the eye makeup - the thick black eyeliner, the mega dramatic lashes and beautiful, voluminous one-sided pony tail.
    • A hotel and golfing centre for the mega rich is on course to open in Savernake Forest in about two and a half years' time.
    • The decision to pursue your muse as your career, despite the risks, hardships and the knowledge you will never be famous or mega rich - that is my kind of Idol.
    • We hope you enjoy this mega fun happy corner of the internet.
    • So the current plan is I work to bring in money until he gets everything else up and running and then instead of just about getting by, we get mega rich.
    • A number of cultural activities - like a number of Hindi plays and a mega lucky draw - have been lined up for the days following Diwali.
    • Blowing a gale and it rained just before we started but otherwise it was the super mega deluxe version of golf days with everything laid on.
    • I was mega organised this month in my budgeting and shock horror still haven't run out of money this month, long may this continue!
    • She plays the mega jaded Shawnette, a lost romantic that has worked two jobs to send her man to med-school only to be dumped when her partner feels she doesn't fit into the perimeter of his educated circle.
    • It's unlikely that the mega rich will be able to increase the size of their wealth at the rate that they've been doing.
    • You do not have to be mega rich to acquire antiques.
    • Some girls think he's mega cute as well, but I personally think he's mega pompous and needs someone to stick a pin in that over inflated ego of his.
    • Travelling by private jet has many advantages for mega rich sporting superstars flying halfway round the world every second week and gallantly trying to battle off the effects of jet lag.
    • As for Rod Sawford, his letterhead says he is the member for Port Adelaide, a mega safe seat.
    • Entering Tucson we passed the Ina Road exit - the exit I used to take to get to my mountainside retreat at Sin Vacas in the Catalina Foothills, a mega materialistic gated and guarded community.
    • Ok so this dress looks mega boring and plain in the photo, but if you see walking on stage for her acceptance speech for winning Best Supporting Actress, then you'll see the dress is actually really sophisticated.