Traducción de melancholy en Español:


melancolía, n.

Pronunciación /ˈmɛlənkəli//ˈmɛlənˌkɑli/


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    melancolía femenino


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    (mood/temperament/person) melancólico
    (news/sound) triste
    • She hung up while Eden still held on, listening to the melancholy sound of the dial tone.
    • Many of them explain in melancholy tones that they don't see how they can keep their farms and their lifestyle going much longer.
    • When she sees or hears of injustice, the normally happy girl becomes so melancholy and dejected that it worries others.
    • Of course, the name game is just one aspect of the melancholy fact expressed by the cliche ‘fame is fleeting.’
    • His score is a joy to listen to despite its frequently melancholy tone.
    • A lot of times when we play in countries where English isn't the first language we get accused of being melancholy and miserable.
    • He is crude, frequently drunk, and often melancholy, and he feels resigned to the disappointing course his once-promising life has taken.
    • Lead singer, Mathew Booi's melancholy tone is appropriate here, just as it is almost too much to take everywhere else.
    • Sheard certainly has an odd, melancholy stage presence, especially when belting out some extraordinarily mournful show tunes.
    • Sweetened by distance, the melancholy tones of a shepherd's bagpipe drifted on the breeze.
    • His expression narrowed and didn't return to its normal melancholy state until she disappeared behind the doorway.
    • Once you've finished this wonderful book you're haunted by the melancholy tone of this solitary, meditative figure.
    • But in spite of his melancholy bearing and despondent expression, there were few who could say that they had ever seen a man of more distinguished presence.
    • It made the dusty, dismal main street of Bleak seem somewhat melancholy.
    • Now she couldn't look back and remember those times without forcing back tears, or battling a melancholy wave of sadness.
    • Their melancholy expressions are at odds with the theatrical gaiety of their attire.
    • Even if blue was normally a melancholy color, Cassie felt happy.
    • At such moments, he is on Greenhow Hill, reliving that painful time, and his narrative is marked by a melancholy tone that serves to underscore his present sadness.
    • The book is a bit relentless in its melancholy tone, with few moments of joy or triumph for the characters.
    • There's a melancholy tone to the proceedings, a funeral solemnity, in what is supposed to be a summer sci-fi action blockbuster.
    • The Slave Dancer is written through Jessie's eyes, and projects a depressing, melancholy mood.
    • The door opened and there he was, complete with a melancholy smile and apologetic eyes.
    • It gives the story a melancholy tone, as if it's always dusk or autumn.
    • A knock on his cabin door interrupted Captain Valentine's melancholy day spent in isolated depression.
    • The rest of the album then unfolds in suitably impressive fashion, taking in everything from innocent desires, to melancholy tales of loss and regret, without ever bringing the listener down with it.
    • At any rate, I hope that all people, especially those who are in a melancholy frame of mind in this global village, will get a chance to dine on all kinds of delicacies of the season during this lonely autumn.
    • The room was dimly lit, with only a reading lamp casting its melancholy glow over the elegantly decorated room.
    • I feel that musically, melancholy tones are the most comforting.
    • As she headed to Wyndemere, Nikolas' melancholy tone and his heartfelt words played inside her mind.
    • Vaguely, I could feel a smile creeping back to my melancholy expression.
    • The other instruments go along with the oboe's often melancholy sound.
    • But Angela suffers from an ambiguous, melancholy discontent.
    • Ferik lost her control and hung her head, murmuring in a dead melancholy tone,
    • Instead of creating an ice-cold emptiness, as some bands would have done, Nada Surf has created a warm and sweetly melancholy expression of this feeling.
    • It's always melancholy saying goodbye, but I know he'll be back soon - in fact, only 2 weeks from tomorrow he'll be here again!
    • I really enjoyed it, but it put me in a melancholy mood for the rest of the evening: quite a challenging film (there was a lot of nervous laughter in the audience).
    • His was a gloomy and melancholy disposition and he never found relief outside his work.
    • Through blurred, melancholy eyes she looked at the ruins around her that had once been the palace in which she had served.
    • Burne-Jones evokes a melancholy mood that differs from the celebratory tone of the London copy by means of the nocturnal settings, the dark colouring and the crouching attitudes of the figures.
    • The instrument's melancholy tones complement the often sombre frontier folk songs.