Traducción de Melba toast en Español:

Melba toast

tostada Melba, n.

Pronunciación ///ˈmɛlbə ˌtoʊst/


  • 1

    (tostada muy fina) tostada Melba femenino
    • Hoummos is another favourite, which I like to eat with Melba toast.
    • This Rubenesque singer's love of food and her continual struggle to lose weight eventually led to the creation of Melba toast.
    • Food is the cheap, no-sweat, low-achievement route to immortality: Melba toast, Caesar salad, tournedos Rossini, Lea & Perrins.
    • She would barely eat for months at a time, subsisting on Melba toast, carrots and black coffee.