Traducción de melee en Español:


tumulto, n.


Pronunciación /meɪˈleɪ//ˈmɛleɪ//ˈmeɪˌleɪ/


  • 1

    (confusion) tumulto masculino
    (fight) riña femenino
    (fight) refriega femenino
    • He described two fights within the extended melee outside the nightclub.
    • In the melee, the iron railing leading to the park's entrance on Cipero Street broke, causing fans to fall on top of each other.
    • My family and I have been woken in the early hours by football chants, fights and general melees on occasions too numerous to recall.
    • Curious tourists and reporters were often trapped in the melees.
    • ‘When people take to the battlefield it becomes a melee of killing and being killed,’ he says.
    • With a melee of artists, dancers, musicians and bands, the crowds gathered to enjoy the sunshine and take part in the festivities.
    • Then the fight became a full-on melee as the crowd found its nerve and joined the fray.
    • We're asked to believe that his post-match melees leave him merely bruised, when he would most likely be eating his meals through a straw.
    • Prague by day is a melee of tourists, heads cocked skyward, nodding in disbelief at yet another beautiful building.
    • When battles do occur, they usually turn into confused melees.
    • The fight soon degenerated into a bloody melee, each man for himself.
    • Carlisle says his wife Linda was hit with a fist in the melee.
    • People panicked and stampeded, blows rained down, people fell and hurt themselves in the melee.
    • Several melees broke out on the field as the game threatened to spill over into all out violence.
    • Both Cork goals were scored from melees in front of the posts and both were controversial.
    • We see the use of lances with hooks, to unhorse an opponent, but there is little mounted archery, and too much man-to-man sword fighting in small, confused melees.
    • Another person involved in the melee was jailed for violent disorder after his trial for murder collapsed.
    • Amelia ducked and rolled to the side to avoid being impaled by Breanne's rapier, the fight now a melee.
    • In a melee, the combat becomes very strategic and each player can handle the combat in a different manner.
    • After the initial charge, both lines are broken, and the battle degenerates into a chaotic melee.
    • They managed to retrieve their son from the melee and, with a struggle, reached the safety of their home.
    • For some reason, perhaps to differentiate rugby melees from all the other tussles, the word evolved into ‘scrummage’ with a U.