Traducción de melodramatic en Español:


melodramático, adj.

Pronunciación /ˌmɛlədrəˈmædɪk//mɛlədrəˈmatɪk/


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    don't be so melodramatic no seas tan melodramático / exagerado
    • I screamed, and swooped off to my room in melodramatic fashion.
    • He returned to characters who offered identification even though it was mostly via melodramatic exaggeration.
    • The repetitions, sudden shifts in direction and melodramatic flourishes fit neatly into the frantic pace of the contemporary dance beat.
    • It would be in the hands of most directors, but Moretti doesn't allow melodramatic excess to infiltrate his story.
    • I've seen the rolling eyes, I know they think we're being melodramatic.
    • It would be a melodramatic exaggeration for me to say that I fight this battle within myself every day.
    • In the process they have cut the worst of the sentimental and melodramatic elements to create a much tauter, more compelling plot-line.
    • My character is really melodramatic, in that one minute she is throwing a tantrum and the next she is laughing hysterically, but I wasn't at all like that.
    • They probably did so with melodramatic flourish, causing fear and speculation to run wild.
    • I'm almost totally over yesterday's melodramatic tantrum.
    • Incidentally, the above use of ‘martyr’ was no exaggeration or melodramatic affectation.
    • Characters disappear inexplicably and there is much melodramatic action, with farce never far off.
    • They've matured, shedding the preoccupation with teen angst that might previously have led them to be perceived as melodramatic.
    • Perhaps you think me melodramatic, or even histrionic.
    • For a start, he's got a real temper on him, which some are marking out as a good attitude, but for a first proper Wimbledon appearance he seemed a mite melodramatic to me.
    • The audio is solid, although the voice acting is overdone and melodramatic.
    • So, yesterday I was being a little melodramatic and very emotional.
    • These explore intensities of pain and emotion with melodramatic vigour and yet no soap character ever swears properly.
    • His action had not only hurt this other person, but it also hurt me, because as melodramatic as it sounds, I almost started to cry.
    • No slight was intended, I'm sure, the sin - to be melodramatic for a moment - being one of omission, not commission.