Traducción de men's room en Español:

men's room

baño de caballeros, n.



  • 1

    baño de caballeros masculino
    servicios de caballeros masculino
    • The officer came in, checked the men's room and practically looked under the tables.
    • There were only three doors there: The ladies room, the men's room, and the back exit.
    • To spare the homeless the legal jeopardy, and the indignity, of relieving themselves on the street, she petitioned the city for portable toilets; when the politicians balked, she held a sit-in that blocked the men's rooms of City Hall.
    • Yes, thank you, will someone please escort Pete to the men's room?
    • How do you know which door leads to the men's room when there's no gender specific icon and only a strange foreign word?
    • When I walked out of the stall, I realized that I was in the men's room.
    • Then she looked in the restaurant, including the men's room of all places, but my brother wasn't there.
    • Intrigued, I walked up the stairs to use the men's room and discovered that the bathrooms were unisex.
    • In those days, the women's room was one floor up from my office, which was on a floor with a men's room.
    • I cannot speak for ladies' rooms, but in men's rooms, the mirrors are always the same size, but they are placed too low over the sink so that most anybody must turn his head sideways to brush his hair or just to check out his face.
    • My boss at the time, the Executive Director, would practice talking to the Board in the men's room.
    • For example, there has been a dramatic increase in baby-changing tables in men's rooms.
    • Believe it or not, until recently the space shuttle only had a men's room, making it extremely difficult for female astronauts.
    • Before David had a change to answer, Josh walked out of the men's room with toilet paper trailing from his shoe.
    • The ground floor also includes a storage area, ladies and men's rooms and a pantry that provides space for staff and members' needs.
    • In the C concourse of the Salt Lake City airport there's a row of pay phones set on the wall by the men's room just past the concourse entry.
    • With that, he made his way into the men's room and washed his face.
    • Just in front was the men's room, with the silhouette of a gentleman.
    • Even if I go to the men's room, somebody has got to walk me down there and stand outside.
    • He then excused himself to visit the men's room, and the other called the waitress over.