Traducción de menu en Español:


carta, n.

Pronunciación /ˈmɛnju//ˈmɛnjuː/


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    (in restaurant)
    carta femenino
    menú masculino América Latina
    (set meal) menú masculino
    lamb's not on the menu no hay cordero
    • They have a full-time nutritionist who has written up recipe books for all of the players and given suggested menus to the restaurants where the Munster players eat lunch.
    • There is the odd posh word on the menu but most dishes are properly explained and do exactly what they say on the label.
    • It says restaurant menus increasingly list details of food producers and suppliers.
    • Business and conference guests will be targeted on weekdays, with a varied menu to include Indian dishes.
    • Homely restaurants serve inexpensive fixed menus known as comida corrida.
    • Le Rouge was filled with people, waiters weaving carefully between tables, delivering food and menus to people at the tables.
    • When customers traveled to Europe, they would return to the shop with recipes and menus from restaurants.
    • Otherwise we could choose from 30 seafood dishes on the standard menu, most containing prawns.
    • It took us the half hour wait to decide what we were going to order, because it was just one of those menus where each dish sounds better than the last.
    • Despite reading menus and ingredients lists carefully, it is easy to eat a problem food by accident.
    • There was a good choice of starters, both from the standard menu and the specials list.
    • After being shown to our table we were handed the wine list and menus.
    • Although the bill of fare is chalked up behind the servery, menus are available to enable leisurely contemplation before selection.
    • All the dishes on the menu are original home-made recipes, freshly prepared for an authentic taste.
    • The menu changes daily, food is locally sourced and cooked to order, and there's lots of fresh fish.
    • They are already drawing up the guest list and the menu of champagne and cake for the wedding they hope to have this summer.
    • Use beverage menus or spirits lists to pique customer interest in your selection.
    • Right before we ate all the children walked around to the adults and handed out handwritten food and drink menus.
    • He very kindly spoke with the chef who offered to prepare dishes from our preferred menu.
    • For food, the Philadelphia City Paper lists recent reviews of area restaurants and some downloadable menus.
    • The restaurants were chosen for their well-balanced menus, the quality of their wine list and the consistency of their cooking.
    • Larga also provides guests with a northern menu of food such as bannock, caribou stew and fish.
    • Other fast food chains are propping up the higher end of their menus with Angus beef burgers at Hardee's and fancy salads at Wendy's.
    • Most of the time, Mrs Allana decides the menu of meals and monitors the quality of food provided to them.
    • And wouldn't it be easier not to overeat if restaurant menus divulged the calories in each dish?
    • Let's see more baked potatoes and lentil soup on school menus, fruit juices being promoted instead of branded fizzy drinks.
    • Fortunately they had renovated both the restaurant and then menu, and the food was gorgeous.
    • The site also features a meal planner, which allows consumers to print not only recipes, but also menus and shopping lists.
    • There will be a special fare for food lovers and the menu would be designed in the form of a cricket bat.
    • Darren had to plan a menu and cook and serve a main course and dessert for four people.
    • But, almost from the moment we were handed our menus, we were subjected to a seemingly never-ending procession of staff asking if we were ready to order.
    • Because diet is a central aspect of controlling blood sugar, daily menus, recipes, and shopping lists are provided.
    • The children were able to choose their own menu to serve their teachers at the end of their course.
    • The ground floor is billed as a wine bar but has a full menu, and the restaurant is on the first floor.
    • We thought that we would point to a few dishes on the menu, hoping for the best.
    • For a complete view of a restaurant's menu items and prices, many restaurants will post their menus outside the restaurant.
    • These restaurants are jam packed and serving their full menus throughout the night during Ganpatis.
    • There is a good restaurant at the South Sea Hotel serving a mixed menu including sea food.
    • At the end of the book is a list of suggested menus for each age group.
    • The menu lists not only the dishes, but also reveals the chef's kitchen secrets.
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    menú masculino
    • Important operations are hidden in right-mouse-click pop-up menus and do not also appear on the main menus or toolbars.
    • I've removed the short-lived dropdown menus, anyway.
    • The screen also provides ample room to see the menu commands, making the camera functions easy to navigate.
    • A number of menus are available when you are inside the administrative interface, and some of these menus have submenus as well.
    • Once you've got past the first layer of the menu system, which uses a screen full of icons, the subsequent menus are dense lists of text.