Traducción de merchant marine en Español:

merchant marine

marina mercante, n.

(British merchant navy)


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    marina mercante femenino
    • Large numbers of deserting sailors, furthermore, left to join the merchant marine for large-scale smuggling and trade with the enemy.
    • The US Government via the Jones Act recognises the strategic importance of their merchant marine allocating $10 billion to ship building and operating program over the next 10 years.
    • Historically a seafaring nation, its merchant marine achieved success of international proportions.
    • A sailor in the merchant marine docked at Chatham for the last time.
    • His real education began when he joined the merchant marine and took a job in a freighter's engine room.
    • Such an oligarchy had been predisposed to heavy spending on the navy, producing a fleet strong enough to defend a merchant marine that carried a large proportion of the world's overseas trade.
    • He is just one of 13 African American Coast Guard licensed merchant marine captains in the United States.
    • The 77-year-old Seattle activist and World War II vet says he was radicalized ‘to the ways of imperialism’ while sailing to Africa and the Middle East as a merchant marine after the war.
    • In peacetime, strong navies could provide the conditions for the merchant marine to carry on the levels of international trade upon which national prosperity and security depended.
    • Cruiser attacks on scattered shipping, Mahan believed, were incapable of inflicting prohibitive losses on a large merchant marine.
    • The relationship of civilian to military ship technology was sufficiently close to allow privateers - armed vessels outfitted by merchants - to wage a devastating campaign against the British merchant marine in two wars.
    • Most of the merchant marine, overseas at the moment of invasion, rallied to the government-in-exile, for which it provided an important source of income.
    • In the war he served in the American merchant marine.
    • ‘Previously I had been in the merchant marine and studied for my navigational qualifications,’ said Koenig.
    • Others were employed in the merchant marine, the United States Navy, and Alaska's salmon canneries.
    • Its merchant marine was the largest in the world as was the navy that looked after it.
    • Aged just 13, he left home for a life at sea and quickly rose through the ranks of the merchant marine before joining the American navy, which had been established to fight for independence from Britain.
    • He argued that navigational laws designed to develop a national merchant marine and exclude foreign vessels from coastal trade was economically unsound.
    • The future's merchant marine ship looked like a merchant marine ship and the talk was pay and work conditions.
    • It is not because we have a wonderful merchant marine culture, or that we are sea-farers from way back, but rather because it is found money.