Traducción de merciful en Español:


misericordioso, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈmərsəfəl//ˈməːsɪfʊl//ˈməːsɪf(ə)l/


  • 1

    her death was a merciful release en las circunstancias, su muerte fue una bendición
    • After reading about 40 pages, she fell into a merciful, dreamless sleep.
    • It's a merciful release from reliance on parents, one's own way to the movies or a friend's house.
    • Confused he walked back to dying chief, he was calling out for a merciful death.
    • With the unfairness of it all, the final whistle was a merciful relief.
    • It's also a taste of things to come, a reward for the patient, and a merciful release for the tortured.
    • For a while there, it didn't seem like it was ever going to happen but 1998 has finally come to a merciful end.
    • The most the Old Testament writers hope for is a ripe old age ended by a quick and merciful death.
    • Captain America has just been asked if he wants to surrender and receive a quick and merciful death.
    • So we let the brief conversation come to a merciful end and they started to walk away.
    • Perhaps, in the light of her illness, it was a merciful release.
    • But we do not seem to be getting anything like the amount of government we pay for (which might come to some people as a merciful relief).
    • His death was undoubtedly merciful, but he left a sad gap among his dwindling circle of friends.
    • Instead of compelling the patient to lead the terrible life of an invalid, the doctor should have let the patient die a merciful death, the media argued.
    • It may be that the gods are merciful when they make our lives more unpleasant as we grow old.
    • So perhaps he was pleading for a merciful death?
    • After the merciful demise of her husband in 1842 her activities became less camouflaged and in the 1850s she was involving herself in the serf problem.
    • Bombing would have been, it was believed, a merciful end to those who suffered unimaginable horrors there.
    • My yearning and lust for this movie was unquenchable at the time, rivaling my current prayers for a quick and merciful death.
    • When a disabled child dies some people think it is a merciful release but it was the beginning of a nightmare for us.
    • There is no shelter for them to find merciful relief from their vilification.