Traducción de mercifully en Español:


con clemencia, adv.

Pronunciación /ˈməːsɪf(ə)li//ˈmərsəf(ə)li//ˈməːsɪfʊli/


  • 1

    (judge/act) con clemencia
    (act/judge) con compasión
    • How did it all end, when it eventually and mercifully did?
    • He is more dead than alive, and a diabolic revenge on him might have been to just let him suffer on, rather than mercifully put him out of his misery.
    • Thankfully, the market forces are mercifully in our favor as there are plans to start a professional cricket league in America.
    • How will we wage war mercifully, when he may deliberately move his military forces right next to civilians?
    • Although foot and mouth has mercifully spared Helmsley's farmers so far, they are worried about the potential for infection, he said.
    • The very word sickens me, and the thought of my own sisters acting mercifully is almost too much to bear!
    • In the case of the dead, we commend them to the mercy of God (as the Pope did) and ask that he judge them mercifully.
    • In both cases we have been mercifully spared the full fury.
    • When the referee mercifully signalled a conclusion, the short burst of booing from the supporters became the most eloquent action of a pitiful fixture.
    • At this point, Zack's Aunt mercifully intervened and took him inside to feed him some pasta and fudgsicles.
    • So death then came suddenly and swiftly and mercifully.
    • Israel has a moral responsibility to act justly and mercifully when dealing with her own citizens and others.
    • The squally showers that drenched the area before kick off had mercifully ceased by the time Chris took an early long-range penalty.
    • Another factor to why euthanasia is such a difficult subject is that it is a complicated task to decide whether someone is of sound mind, or is justifiable to kill mercifully.
    • We hung on this way for about 5 years or so and then, mercifully, Cappi's was sold.
    • The wreath tradition stuck around until he mercifully ended it.
    • ‘What a strange way to die,’ he thinks, sure that it's all over, but mercifully they are all spared.
  • 2

    gracias a Dios
    • It would be mercifully brief, but it probably wouldn't do the sheer awfulness of this film justice.
    • It was mercifully brief; the preacher lost his balance and fell into the crowd.
    • The event itself was well organised and mercifully free of the marketing hype that often comes with the introduction of new technology.
    • They are mercifully brief and my replies are even briefer.
    • Well at least their introductory sequence and FBI warning is mercifully brief.
    • During her mercifully brief stay she managed to squeeze in the following complaints.
    • The sudden and, as it turns out, mercifully brief closure of Fibbers threw into sharp relief the lack of venues for live music in York.
    • Allie made her way onto the beach, still clumsy legs getting relief in the mercifully soft sand.
    • Martin turned the ball over twice and committed two fouls during his mercifully brief stint.
    • Stylistically, this mercifully brief book reeks of dissertation padding.
    • Thankfully, Patton's scene amounts to little more than a mercifully brief cameo.
    • He lasted for seven more years, and concerning these, the authors are mercifully brief.
    • In a mercifully brief office scene, it becomes clear that Linda is the equivalent of Dracula's Jonathan Harker.
    • Lots of us there lost loved ones, but only for terrifying and mercifully brief moments.
    • The work is, mercifully, brief, for the ensuing cacophony could deafen even the toughest eardrum.
    • That is the view of two leading experts on the topic who, yesterday, published a mercifully brief and clear summation of the situation.
    • Then there is Currency Lad, who was posting reviews before his mercifully brief retirement.
    • Apart from a savage, but mercifully brief, bout of hitting by Adam Gilchrist in the early overs, the innings had belonged very much to England.
    • The sources of these recessions varied, but all were mercifully brief, thanks in some measure to government policy.
    • The first, next Thursday, will involve Gareth and I running off together to be wed in a mercifully brief ceremony.