Traducción de merciless en Español:


despiadado, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈməːsɪlɪs//ˈmərsələs/


  • 1

    • A steel spike, cruel and merciless, no mere toy to project an image of courage and fearlessness.
    • This is a terrorist attack, a merciless evil that should exist in no world.
    • They will intone that killing civilians is cowardly and warrants swift and merciless punishment.
    • On Friday morning it was being blasted by a merciless wind from across the vast, dry plains to the southwest, presaging a storm.
    • It is because they are a tough, determined unit able to pounce on any opportunity and are also merciless towards their own players.
    • Why be so merciless to her and treat someone who proposes evil with kid gloves?
    • The film opens in 1950 as Franta languishes in a merciless labour camp.
    • Below us is the Indian Ocean, looking seductive and innocent where once it was cruel and merciless.
    • He didn't want Hakida to think him a heartless, merciless killer, as that wasn't it.
    • The resulting progeny is a group of merciless blonde-haired kids who do mom's bidding, no matter how messy.
    • He was cruel and merciless, and has been said to treat his dogs in a higher respect than his women.
    • History has repeatedly told the merciless lesson that underrating the potential of weird ideas is dearly bought.
    • Football can be a cruel business and the Premiership is one of the most merciless and unforgiving of all leagues.
    • The judge described the attack as savage and merciless.
    • The winters were brutal and the black flies were merciless in the summer.
    • In the year of this merciless trickster, it's best to be flexible.
    • Success here is only the first step towards a very high target, which imposes merciless requirements.
    • No one can deny that Jews have suffered merciless oppression during their history.
    • His is the humour of merciless exposure to our own absurdities.
    • All parties agreed that he was a brutal, merciless tyrant whose removal was desirable.