Traducción de mesh en Español:


malla, n.

Pronunciación /mɛʃ//mɛʃ/


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    • 1.1(opening)

      malla femenino
      a broad/fine mesh malla abierta/fina
      • When the net is close to the shore the men pull quickly to land the bag of the net, which traps the fish in its 4-inch mesh.
      • Irish fishermen have been showing commitment to conservation and been using bigger mesh sizes to allow smaller fish to escape.
      • We have accepted bigger mesh sizes to allow fish to escape.
      • The Bird Castle offers protection to smaller birds which can enter through the two-inch mesh, but the holes are small enough to keep out cats or birds of prey like kestrels.
      • Particles can stick to collagen fibrils or they can be hindered by the size of the mesh spacing between the fibrils.
      • It had a very fine mesh, and only certain students could get through the holes.

    • 1.2(material)

      malla femenino
      wire mesh tela metálica femenino
      • The birds got into the roof through air vents, which have now been covered with wire mesh to stop the problem recurring.
      • Two months in advance a burlap and wire mesh girdle was installed, and the final digging to ready the tree was completed a few days before movement.
      • TV cameras are set up and passers - by use the spot to stand, sneak pictures or tie flowers to the wire mesh fence.
      • Add wire mesh inside the fence for containment of pets or children.
      • Such muscle buildup also occurs with use of a stent - a small wire mesh tube inserted after angioplasty to keep the artery clear.
      • If you are bothered by deer, rabbits or even cats, protect the bark with either some wire mesh fencing or a spiral tree guard that wraps around the trunk.
      • The 30 ft long wire mesh fence - similar to those used at tennis courts - is a last-ditch attempt to end more than five years of harassment from a gang of youths.
      • Parts are loaded on a chain driven, stainless steel turntable with a quick-draining round wire mesh basket that rotates at fixed speed.
      • Valerian turned the wire mesh ball over in her hands as she thought back through her sister's letters.
      • The city turned the light sculpture off and pondered whether to protect the sculpture with some kind of plastic or wire mesh covering.
      • They have been ordered to fence off the funfair from the hazardous buildings with a two metre high wire mesh fence.
      • Place a piece of wire screen mesh (hardware cloth) over the open top of this can.
      • Activist documents gave detailed instructions on how to cut through the toughest of wire mesh fences.
      • Curved, patchy sails of silk, canvas and mesh, attached by wire to metal frameworks, project in numerous directions.
      • Using wire mesh culverts may be an inexpensive and efficient way to allow water flow through such materials.
      • This is not surprising when detainees are held in wire mesh cages measuring 9ft by 8ft and each prisoner is allowed only one hour outside his cell each week.
      • To cut down on debris, you may want to cover your gutters with wire or plastic mesh.
      • Protect tree trunks from rodents with wire mesh guards.
      • Both sides were closed off by large, steel mesh fences with barbed wire at the top, curling around the top support pole in a disarranged, uninviting pattern.
      • It's made of metal, polyvinyl chloride pipe, wire mesh netting, and wood.

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    engranaje masculino
    out of mesh desengranado

verbo intransitivo

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    (cogs/gears) engranar
    (approaches/views/systems) concordar
    (approaches/views/systems) cuadrar
    to mesh with sth concondar / cuadrar con algo
    • The broad themes of these narratives mesh with those in the sections on contemporary Africa and the Diaspora.
    • He suggested consumers will demand safety, security and convenience in the products they buy to mesh with their life-style.
    • Knowing each other helps all the ‘parts’ of the crew work closely together, meshing like the gears of a clock.
    • She believes that such a facility would mesh with the Skytrain and promote transit use for those living in outlying areas.
    • But one may fairly wonder if the gears mesh so neatly.
    • But government funding methods don't always mesh with real world expectations.
    • In Harrison's view, it is important for the disadvantaged children to mesh with the ‘regular’ children.
    • Whether you're the new girl or just expanding your friendship circle, it's hard to mesh with a new crew.
    • But the Celtic tiger baffles them: contemporary Ireland refuses to mesh with their dreams and folk memories.
    • And it's a real problem when people with diabetes are trying to give insulin that they're trying to mesh with the food.
    • A pressure release button releases meshed teeth between a lock bar and a stabilizer bar.
    • Trusting in the mystery that will lead me to whatever books will mesh with my current (non-academic) learning needs.
    • I think I am fairly easy-going and prepared to like nearly everyone, but in a minority of cases the gears simply wouldn't mesh, and this looked like being one of those cases.
    • For Woodland, this just doesn't mesh with the way the military handles and disposes radioactive waste.
    • They also will work with the annual budget so proposals mesh with agency policy objectives and plans.
    • The gears meshed and the result was a very productive week for Mr. Hillier as he started with the first of three paydays on the week.
    • It's disheartening that the Prime Minister's thoughts don't necessarily mesh with her political reality.
    • After I met with him, it was clear that his personality didn't entirely mesh with his line of work.
    • The damn things weren't meshing properly when the screw was under load.
    • Steve is looking back and imposing a view that doesn't mesh with the facts.
    • But over the years, one man's cattle raider has become another man's freedom fighter, and the Rob Roy story has been skewed to mesh with the rise of Scottish nationalism.
    • As one of his central tenets of urbanism seems to be that buildings should meet the street, how does that mesh with pedestrian plazas to fend off vehicular access?
    • For some reason it doesn't mesh with the rest of the diction and seems strange and inappropriately vulgar.
    • He answers by imagining how our liberated civilization will mesh with the genetic revolution.
    • As important as it has been for Jordan to mesh with his teammates, it has been equally important that Jordan has meshed with his coach.
    • Tax cuts and benefit increases are cynically jiggered to mesh with an increasingly mythical congressional budget plan.
    • That gear meshes with three planet gears which in turn drive a second sun gear attached to the pinion shaft.
    • The patent then goes on to the patentee's special idea of an additional ‘oil pulley’ which meshes with a special extra set of teeth on the other side of the timing belt.
    • The output pinion of the traverse gearbox meshes with the gear rack segment attached to the carriage body, providing 800 mils of traverse.

verbo transitivo

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    (cogs/gears) engranar
    (plans/itineraries) combinar