Traducción de mesmerize en Español:


cautivar, v.

Pronunciación /ˈmɛzməˌraɪz//ˈmɛzmərʌɪz/

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    • It glowed an eerie blue, which could mesmerize anyone.
    • I was mesmerized by Camara's and the lead female dancer's awesome dance moves, as well as by their colourful costumes.
    • As he lifted up his hood, his aqua blue eyes immediately mesmerized me.
    • They had deep sea blue eyes that mesmerized most men they came across.
    • She brings a romantic and mystifying element to each role that mesmerizes me.
    • The evening ended with an amazing five-minute firework display, which entranced and mesmerised the huge crowd.
    • The television footage of resistance fighters aired on Lebanese broadcasting stations mesmerized her.
    • She was approaching a hill when she became mesmerized by the stars and wasn't paying attention to where she was going.
    • I always feel vaguely cheated because lightning mesmerizes me and I watch it avidly when the opportunity arises.
    • I felt the panic of his watchful father, but I was mesmerized by his youthful passion.
    • It creaked as it made its kaleidoscope rounds and mesmerized me with the transitions from blue, to green, to red, and so on.
    • I was mesmerized by the sound of its voice. He spoke in cursive writing, his words all flourish and curly letters.
    • The Storytime panel shows a seanchaí mesmerising children with stories of the past.
    • His eyes reflected the light as he stared at the object; he seemed almost mesmerized by the crystal.
    • No matter how many times I've stood here and stared at the setting, it still mesmerized me every time.
    • He thought about this for a moment as he stared mesmerized by Maria's eyes, seeing the secrets she had locked behind them.
    • Wearing a dazzling blue jacket and white silk shirt, he mesmerised the fans on Sunday night.
    • Reading, listening, even thinking, I was mesmerized by the sounds and the movement of words.
    • Regrettably, it seems to have mesmerized my daughter, who responds with a mixture of fascination and horror.
    • I was mesmerized by the tale of the town without a name, his family, and the doings of the neighbors.
  • 2anticuado

    I was mesmerized me quedé pasmada / boquiabierta