Traducción de mess hall en Español:

mess hall

comedor, n.



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    comedor masculino
    • Zachary walked her down the hall to the Commander's room, then told her to meet him in the mess hall after she was done.
    • Maeve asked as she started to walk out of the mess hall and up to her room.
    • Around the keep, Silas noted, were the barracks, the mess hall, and the armories.
    • Reese said an Army colonel named Jordan sent a soldier to the mess hall for ice to preserve the body overnight.
    • If so did they take up the entire mess hall seating, or could you just have moved to a part of the mess hall away from the function?
    • I left the building and boarded to the mess hall to see if they were serving something edible for lunch.
    • The memory showed that a large building, the mess hall, would be directly before them.
    • The bus turned a sharp corner and then she saw the camp, the lake over a little hill and a big building that she guessed to be the mess hall.
    • Arc, hearing the sounds of gunfire, below the quiet mess hall, runs back to his room.
    • The castle was home to the enormous mess hall, kitchens, storage, and greater armory.
    • The eleven made their way down to the mess hall, Jerome pointing out important rooms as they went.
    • The two officers exited the mess hall wordlessly and took the lift up to the command room of the entire station.
    • Quickly I met up with Nelly and Louisa in the mess hall for breakfast then we hurried to the music room.
    • He and his fellow monks arise together solemnly and take leave for the mess hall for breakfast.
    • Tauri's voice cut through the air in the mess hall, from the main control room where he sat.
    • Lauren then exited the mess hall grinning at the laughter that echoed in the room.
    • Throughout the room were tables for the mess hall, with a few synthesizers set into the walls.
    • He passed most of his time, from morning to the wee hours of the night, in the kitchen and the adjoining mess hall.
    • There were a couple of utility sheds out in front, and a larger building on the left that was the mess hall.
    • Meals were eaten in the mess hall, a separate building also down the road.