Traducción de messenger en Español:


mensajero, n.

Pronunciación /ˈmɛsɪn(d)ʒə//ˈmɛs(ə)ndʒər/


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    mensajero masculino
    mensajera femenino
    before noun messenger boy mandadero masculino América Latina
    • Manto is only a messenger, she is carrying out duties laid out by government.
    • Negotiations about the precise wording of the speech are intense, with messages and messengers traversing the strait on a near-daily basis.
    • Changing perceptions requires powerful combinations of messages, messengers and media.
    • They had a very hierarchical structure but operated with extremely slow communications, such as notes carried by messengers and face-to-face meetings.
    • It was generally a servant's task to take messages from the messengers.
    • All members can be alerted to urgent messages by messengers or via the party whips.
    • Unable to disprove an unpalatable message, the messenger has been shot.
    • Indeed, what will decide this election in the next three weeks is whether Americans are voting on the message or the messenger.
    • Eve's action was based on the hearing of an evil message from an evil messenger.
    • But the really amazing thing is that so many others in the free world not only do not agree but loathe and detest this message and its messengers.
    • In Ancient Egypt, the Pharaoh's messengers and diplomatic envoys carried with them the seal of the Pharaoh, production of which guaranteed the carrier free and unhindered passage throughout the region.
    • Notwithstanding the authority of the messenger, the message deserves examination on its own terms.
    • After he was demobbed in 1946 the couple, who have no children, lived in London, where Ron was employed as a messenger by a national newspaper.
    • Some of us just refuse to react, blaming the messengers for their message and accusing the scientists of scaremongering.
    • Agni was the next and was important in the sacrifices and was considered as a messenger, carrying the messages to the heavens, as the flames of the sacrificial fires ascended upwards.
    • Perhaps by then city staff will have reported on what they think the impact of this could be on the city economy - although finding a messenger to deliver the message may be difficult.
    • They had spent a great deal of time copying the letters that would be carried by messengers to the various leaders of the Elders around the world.
    • If no traders could be found, special messengers had to be employed for the task.
    • Margaret joined West Middlesex Hospital at the tender age of 15, employed as a messenger on just £2.50 for a 43-hour week.
    • He was employed as a foot messenger, so he was on the subway frequently and took advantage of it, doing motion tags.