Traducción de metadata en Español:


metadatos, n.

Pronunciación /ˈmɛdəˌdædə//ˈmɛtədeɪtə//ˈmɛdəˌdeɪdə/


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    metadatos masculino
    • In the context of biological informatics, metadata is an interoperability issue.
    • That metadata includes the path name, and the attributes used to view storage and use storage.
    • Smith also points out that the ratio of actual data with respect to metadata will continue to shrink.
    • The researchers resolved disagreements by consensus and entered the outcomes and their metadata into a database.
    • It is the collection of metadata that allows computer software to reliably deal with the data.
    • By giving immediate use to metadata, people add metadata.
    • This would allow virtually any kind of additional file metadata to be stored with a file.
    • The company has quietly released a tool to scrub leaky metadata from documents edited with its software.
    • Users need this information to contact the publisher of the displayed metadata.
    • Link the Microprocessor metadata to supporting documentation useful for operation.
    • Cheap metadata is metadata made by someone else, or rather by many someone elses.
    • He maintains that any scheme that requires humans to input metadata with their data will fail.
    • First, it does not store any metadata changes, such as the permissions of a file or the renaming of a file.
    • Remember, metadata is a description of the data that accompanies the data in XML.
    • Files that never change are backed up only once as are identical files, thanks to metadata - data about data.
    • In effect, this is all part of the Semantic Web, which aims to give order to the internet by using metadata to describe a document's contents.
    • For descriptive metadata it may even be an entry in a catalog if the catalog record can be adequately referenced.
    • When a file system's data or metadata becomes scrambled, data corruption ensues.
    • Commercial search engines practice automatic metadata generation in two situations.
    • Although metadata is integral to the Semantic Web, metadata on its own is far from sufficient.