Traducción de metalwork en Español:


trabajo en metales, n.

Pronunciación /ˈmɛt(ə)lwəːk//ˈmɛdlˌwərk/


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    trabajo en metales masculino
    metalistería femenino
    • In the first building the children would have classrooms while the other building was used for woodwork and metalwork where we were given the job of building a bookshelf for the classroom.
    • When I started teaching, it was about woodwork, metalwork, engineering and technical drawing.
    • The new centre offers courses in typing, computer and leatherwork skills for girls, and carpentry, metalwork and construction skills for boys.
    • Trainees can specialize in two-year courses in joinery, metalwork, agricultural machinery maintenance, and construction skills.
    • The father-of-three enjoyed practical subjects like metalwork which he finds useful in his present job and the first aid course was helpful.
    • Farming, carpentry, metalwork and leatherwork skills and services will be core activities.
    • Excavations have revealed a complicated history which, to judge from a hoard of metalwork found in the interior (now in Manchester University Museum), began in the later Bronze Age.
    • It's a scheme that also lends itself to metalwork and woodwork, she says.
    • Miss Godfrey said: ‘Modern punches look exactly like the ancient ones and anyone who studied metalwork or woodwork at school would have used the same sort of punch.’
    • It is a far cry from the days when girls did domestic science and boys did woodwork or metalwork at school.
    • When I went to school there were woodwork, metalwork, and technical drawing classes - those kinds of subjects.
    • The exhibition provides endless proof of refinements of beauty in textiles and architecture, woodwork and metalwork, ceramics and miniature painting.
    • They're self-taught experts in the minutiae of day-to-day medieval life, tracking down recipes, studying forgotten languages, practising metalwork or sewing.
    • All of the interior metalwork is burr-free and easy on the knuckles.
    • Most belong in one of five trades: leather work, shoe-making, woodwork, inlay work and metalwork.
    • When he was younger and his friends were enjoying doing woodwork and metalwork he preferred spending time in the kitchen. search news
    • Offered a choice of ceramics, woodwork and metalwork, she elected to work in metal.
    • In intermediate I was top of the school for woodwork and metalwork but I failed cooking because I refused to keep to the recipes.
    • Allowing parents to participate in woodwork / metalwork / drama classes?
    • The techniques Matthew and his fellow craftsmen use are more akin to woodworking than modern metalwork.