Traducción de metaphysical en Español:


metafísico, adj.

Pronunciación /ˌmɛdəˈfɪzək(ə)l//mɛtəˈfɪzɪk(ə)l/


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    • As that great deflator of metaphysical questions, philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein, taught us, the meaning of a term is fixed by the community that uses it.
    • On this metaphysical question, I agree with William James and many contemporary thinkers that free will and determinism are incompatible.
    • In the 17th century this question sparked a furious metaphysical and scientific controversy on the existence, nature and measure of force.
    • So, for Heidegger, the nothing that opens in the experience of anxiety leads one to pose the metaphysical question as to the meaning of being.
    • It drew out metaphysical questions as it prompted the Futurist to focus on the movement or temporality inherent in things, and hence the instability of the geophysical world, its objects and its events.
    • Perhaps Kant was correct when he said that although we can never hope to answer our metaphysical questions, we can't help asking them anyway.
    • It begins to appear that the metaphysical question of determinism is quite irrelevant to the rationality of our ascription of responsibility.
    • This is a remarkable argument, whereby Davidson derives a metaphysical conclusion concerning the physical nature of mental states from premisses which concern their causal role.
    • However, Condillac had no right to simply-side step the metaphysical question of the nature of body.
    • It has unlimited potential to explore all sorts of metaphysical and moral questions, but it is not doing that.
    • The pursuit of such metaphysical questions is just a high-minded distraction from the more pressing issue of confronting the dilemma of one's existence here and now.
    • However, the very strength of such an epistemological claim makes it difficult to assume with begging the metaphysical result in question.
    • At every stage of life, Wharton searched in religion and philosophy for answers to pressing metaphysical and ontological questions.
    • Clearly, whether that inference is valid or not turns on a metaphysical question about the identity of persons and minds.
    • Euripides' Electra ironically questions belief in a metaphysical system that encourages crime only to punish it.
    • Thus Triodes unwillingly reinforces the Heideggerian fallacy that mythic or metaphysical registers are directly generative of social programmes.
    • However, especially for those of us who find such metaphysical disputes sterile, questions about the paranormal have a very important part to play in the debate.
    • This metaphysical question has been much discussed.
    • The traditional concept of free will enters the mainstream of Western Philosophy in metaphysical questions about human responsibility for moral behavior.
  • 2also Metaphysical

    (poetry/conceits) metafísico