Traducción de methylated spirit en Español:

methylated spirit

alcohol desnaturalizado, n.

(methylated spirits)

Pronunciación /mɛθəleɪtɪdˈspɪrɪt//ˌmɛθəˌleɪdəd ˈspɪrɪt/


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    alcohol desnaturalizado masculino
    alcohol azul masculino
    alcohol de quemar masculino
    • The privately-owned firm manufactures and packages an array of products including white spirit, methylated spirit, turpentine and creosote.
    • The Dutch, who often eschew curtains and so have to look at their windows all the time, apparently get the best results by rubbing vigorously with a chamois leather dipped in methylated spirit.
    • But when it was dissolved in methylated spirits, it produced a glorious purple colour, which, to Perkin's delight, would dye silk.
    • To make it, dissolve 20 drops of lavender oil, and five drops each of lemon and rosemary oils, in 10 millilitres of methylated spirits, then add this solution to a pump-spray bottle containing half a litre of water.
    • Glue, methylated spirit, eucalyptus oil, detergent, bleach and varnish are all examples of commonly used hazardous substances.
    • I used Isopropyl alcohol, but methylated spirits would do just as well.
    • His tools of the trade are two chairs for clients, a car battery (used as a power source) three combs of various sizes, a bottle of methylated spirit, a cutting robe, a small mirror and two shaving machines.
    • The test is conducted with water, isopropyl alcohol, and methylated spirits.
    • Tarnish can be removed from silverware by applying a little whiting (calcium carbonate or powdered chalk - available from chemists or pottery suppliers) dissolved in methylated spirits.
    • He also admits he used to be a chronic alcoholic, but gave up methylated spirits 10 years ago.
    • Sheltering beneath upturned boats, they drank methylated spirits and smoked seaweed to escape the certainty that they were going to die.
    • Food is not provided for by the institution which is compelled to treat wounds or sores of patients with water for lack of methylated spirit and which struggles for the barest minimum of drugs in its tiny storehouse.
    • Another advert in the same series showed a baby with a bottle of methylated spirit in its mouth.
    • Those bottles of methylated spirits won't drink themselves you know!
    • Make a mixture with equal parts glycerine, methylated spirits and milk.
    • Ethanol, sometimes called methylated spirits, ethyl alcohol, or just alcohol, is a member of a group of organic chemicals called alcohols.
    • If you accidentally touch the glass, clean it with methylated spirit.
    • Instead, he tried to dissolve it in methylated spirit, and found that the solution was purple.
    • ‘Any alcohol from methylated spirits to whisky gets you drunk,’ he said.
    • To make your personal repellent dilute twelve drops of lavender essential oil in five millilitres of vodka or methylated spirits, and then mix it with 150 ml of warm water.