Traducción de miasma en Español:


miasma, n.

Pronunciación /miˈæzmə//mʌɪˈazmə//mɪˈazmə//maɪˈæzmə/

nombrePlural miasmas

  • 1

    miasma masculino
    • Today's the day for refuse collection where I live, and the miasma of smells and stench from the bins was like wading through a marsh this morning.
    • Each new smell cue would simply add to the miasma of conflicting odours, and people were often seen fleeing the theatre, holding their noses.
    • Closer, and I caught the sharp smell hanging over the general miasma: the stink of fresh urine.
    • Karten and Keith emerged through the balcony door, just behind him, along with a miasma of strong Sullaneen tobacco.
    • Before Pasteur, dreadful smells and miasmas ruled the roost, the only accepted causes of illness, while after Pasteur, disease was all down to germs.