Traducción de Michaelmas term en Español:

Michaelmas term

trimestre de otoño, n.



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    trimestre de otoño masculino
    • In December of 1906, Ralph won a Major Scholarship to Trinity College, Cambridge, and he left for Trinity during Michaelmas term 1908.
    • Yet the group was initially banned in Michaelmas term 2000 because it was felt that someone facing an unplanned pregnancy should not be placed under any pressure to make a particular decision.
    • Since the time of the fire the College has installed new smoke alarms in the room, as well as resolving to put a new fire exit in place by the start of Michaelmas term.
    • Welcome back to the new academic year - yes it is 1st Week of Michaelmas term, for those of you who struggle with the Oxford academic calendar (as I invariably do).
    • Students believe that the College is hoping to improve academic performance during Michaelmas term.
    • Cherwell also revealed an independent audit conducted for the University, and the likelihood that it would recommend rent rises, last October, in the first edition of the Michaelmas term.
    • The incident has worrying implications for future Wadham events such as the celebrated Queer Bop in Michaelmas term and Wadstock, the popular open air festival which normally takes place during Trinity.
    • The Christmas end of Michaelmas term is simply lethal.
    • Donald Fraser, an Earth Sciences professor at Worcester, will argue before Congregation on 17 May that discussion of the proposals should be postponed until Michaelmas term.
    • It's interesting that when you look the day up, you'll note many references to the number of sick kids in schools during Michaelmas term.
    • I point out to her on the phone that if she were a committed student, she would see the remainder of the Michaelmas term through at her university but her response is just; ‘Switzerland?’
    • Members of the secretive Bullingdon Club trashed a country pub at the end of Michaelmas term, smashing 17 bottles of wine and breaking a window.